SmartBlend Portable Blenders

A new trend

Technology never fails to amazes us, and the way it continues to grow and open up new possibilities is incredible. Every year something new is created, or an old design updated in a way to make our lives easier and more efficient. One way in which we have moved on is in the form of blenders. Gone are the days when blenders are only used in the home due to their size and need for a power plug. Technology has allowed us to move into an age where blenders can now be portable, and taken with us on the road wherever we might go, whether this is to work, to the gym, or even travelling the world. Yes, you can now take a blender with you across the globe for convenience and health reasons. This is all made possible with SmartBlend’s fashionable and stylish portable blender.

High Quality

A cheaper blender probably isn’t worth it, let’s face facts. SmartBlend however, stay clear of this. Their blenders are made from quality stainless steel, which makes it tough and durable, so you can be sure that even the most clumsy of us are in safe hands. Although, before we mention the negatives of potentially dropping your SmartBlend, which let’s face it, is very minimal, it must be said that each blender comes with rubber circles attached to the bottom which allow the blender to stay put on the surface you are using. Not only that, there is also a rubber band which acts as a handle for you to carry your blender around. The core of the blender is made from high quality material too, it’s all food grade and completely safe to use. The six powerful blades within the blender rotate at 15,000RPM when loaded with food to ensure your ingredients are blended to your satisfaction. This might make you feel that the blender itself is a little weighty… but this isn’t the case. The blender weight is only 450g (1lb), which means it is perfect for you to take with you. It must be noted that the blender holds 380ml (maximum), so it is certainly smaller than blenders found in the household, but then it isn’t used as a replacement for these. It ensures that you can take the blender on the go for smaller smoothies or juices. You will find that if you overload the blender, it may not work as you want it too, so ensure that you keep the ingredients within the levels provided.

Pure Convenience

As mentioned above, the blender is predominately for taking with you on the go, wherever you might head, so with that in mind, it is important that the portable blender is convenient. Measuring 23.5cm by 8cm, it is most definitely an item that can be transported with ease, and it’s dimensions ensure it is not heavy. The battery is large enough to last 10-12 uses each time before you need to charge your blender again. And what is more convenient that not needing a power plug ever to charge your portable blender. That’s right, the USB cable is the only thing that is needed, along with any appliance that supports the USB charge, such as a computer, laptop, headphone charger, in your car, at your office desk or even a powerbank can be used. If that’s not convenience, then we don’t know what is.

Simplicity and Ease

The best bit about the blenders – they are simple to use. Ensure that you cut your ingredients such as fruit or vegetables into 1cm cubes (or similar), then add them into the blender along with water (and ice if desired). Simply turn the blender to a 60 degree angle (for best results) and press the on button, then watch the blender do the rest. Blending can take between 60-90 depending on the ingredients, but you do not need to do anything further as it will automatically turns itself off. Check that the blend is to your requirements, and if further blending is required, hit the on button again and let the blender do it’s thing. Once completed, you’re ready to go. Either drink from the blender itself, but be careful not to press the on switch while drinking from the blender, or alternatively, pour the product into a cup or glass and enjoy. When cleaning your SmartBlend, be sure that you do not put any elements in the dishwasher as this is not safe. All elements must be handwashed. Included in the package is a sponge cleaner which you can use after dismantling the blender. For further information on cleaning, please refer to our easy to read user manual.

A Blender For Everyone

The great thing about SmartBlend portable blenders is that they are perfect for everyone. Adults and children can benefit from the efficiency of the blenders to ensure they are on track for a healthier lifestyle. SmartBlend are not only convenient, they are also very fashionable and come in a range of colours, so you can pick a colour that best suits you. It’s safe to say that you will never be ashamed of your portable blender. It is very eye-catching and people who don’t have one will be sure to take a glance.

SmartBlend Promise

SmartBlend are so convinced by their product, that they are willing to offer you a 30 day money-back guarantee should you not be impressed with the blender. Simply send it back (shipping paid by you) and SmartBlend will ensure that your money is back in your account as soon as possible. This even applies if the blender is damaged on arrival, or does not work when you receive it. If this is the case, you can opt for an exchange or refund.

Not just that, SmartBlend are so confident in the product that they also offer a 3 month product gurantee on all blenders outside the 30 day money-back guarantee. This means that if there is a problem in this time, they will happily exchange the product for you. No refunds available outside of the 30 money-back guarantee though.

SmartBlend want you to shop in confidence, so being an online store, security is of upmost importance. Your information is completely safe as the website is back the SSL certificate. You details are not passed onto third parties for data purposes.

Quality Product – Quality Price

In this day and age, high quality does not necessarily mean high in price. We try to keep the blenders affordable to you, so we have a set price of just $64.99 including free standard shipping. So if you’re happy to wait 2-6 business days to get your blender, we pay the shipping. Express Post for quicker delivery is however, on you.

So with that in mind, you’re just one click away from choosing your next best friend. Simply head over to and make your purchase today.

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