Numerous statistics convince people of the importance of search engine optimization or SEO, and rightly so. However important, is SEO worth the money?

SEO is an acronym used to signify a set of activities that optimize a website to comply with the search engines’ ranking factors and help it appear in the search results for relevant searches. So it helps a website standout from the crowd in the online world. 

The reason why many people doubt the value of SEO is because of its many drawbacks. SEO online marketing techniques, once applied, take a long time to show results. It may take a website many months, sometimes even more than a year, to rank organically through SEO. Moreover, SEO may not guarantee results. You can invest all your resources in optimizing your website. Still, your website may never be able to rank at the top, and even if it does, this rank may remain at risk of demotion because of the search engine’s algorithm updates which tend to shuffle the websitelistings. 

Despite all these disadvantages, many businesses still choose to invest in SEO. Why? Because trusting a competent SEO internet marketing services provider increases the likelihood of seeing positive results from SEO. And once your website ranks among the top search engine results, it gives your business visibility and drives interested visitors to your website, contributing to its growth. A website ranking higher organicallyalso serves as an ad in the search results, which drives brand awareness and builds authority. 

It may take a website to rank higher through SEO, butit enjoys these benefits of a high rank for a long time once it gets there. This is why many businesses choose SEO because, despite the drawbacks, it still has a lot of potential to help a business gain traction in the online world. 

Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company, provides consulting in internet marketing and SEO services and has created this infographic further explaining SEO’s pros and cons.

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