Three Characteristics of 5G

The development of communication is fast. The 10 years is an era. From 2G in the 1990s to 4G around 2010. This industry has gathered the smartest people in the world. They study the top technology and bring endless convenience to the society. The evolution of modern human society is accompanied by communication technology. From the earliest telegraph and telephone to modern mobile communication technology. The convenience of communication has accelerated the process of history.

The situation in the communications industry is embarrassing. It is an infrastructure industry and undertakes the role of providing pipelines for applications. Today’s prosperity of mobile Internet is attributed to mobile communication technology. The contribution needs to be reflected in the application of technology. The same is true for 5G technology.

How 5G Network Will Change the World. When it comes to communication technology. We have to talk about the applications that come with it. The main characteristic of 5G network is its high transmission speed.

5G can be said to be standing on the shoulders of giants. It relies on 4G’s good technical architecture. 5G is convenient to build new technologies on its basis. The strongest vision of 5G in the future is to increase network speed. The speed of 4G is fast, but it is not enough. The goal of 5G is to achieve a maximum of 10Gbps (defined by METIS).

How does 10Gbps do it? Today’s mobile networks are in low frequency bands. The advantage is superior propagation performance. Operators can achieve good coverage with less cost. There is a small amount of base station. One of the characteristics of 5G is high frequency. There is the high frequency propagation performance. Many high frequency resources are not used. This is the resource 5G can make good use of.

Large capacity

The topic of Internet of Things has been a hot topic in recent years. Limited by the power consumption of terminals and the coverage of wireless networks. The wide-area Internet of Things is still in its infancy. It will develop vigorously in the future with 5G network.

Researchers limit the speed of the terminal. They reduce the bandwidth used, terminal transmit power and antenna complexity. They optimize physical layer technology. 5G will go further on this basis.

Low delay and high reliability

The emergence of LTE network has brought the delay of mobile network to 100ms. This makes it possible for applications with high real-time requirements. Such as games, videos, data phones. The emergence of 5G network will reduce the delay to a lower level. This provides a basis for applications with higher delay requirements.

5G brings us more than that. 5G has entered everyone’s life. You can buy the Latest HONOR Mobile Phones to experience 5G technology. Now is the beginning of 5G development. We will wait and see how it will perform in the future.

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