5 Great Car Audio Technologies

Even if you don’t follow car audio technologies religiously, you will have noticed in the past year or so a revolution in car audio technology, which has transformed the mundane car audio system into a full on home entertainment system but in the car.

Our number one favourite car audio technology is the digital media stereo – a system that is a favourite to replace the good old car Cd/Mp3 player. In the last few years, we have all gone digital, replacing our CD players with iPods as we jog, now the car cd player is similarly to be replaced with digital media stereos that solely connect to Mp3 players and other digital media players (i.e sd cards). Although, we will dearly miss the CD player, the digital media stereo has the advantage of docking space for your iPod and a bigger screen.

In second place are navigation and stereo combinations, which combine the practical elements of sat-nav and an entertainment system all in one unit. The combination system has become really popular over the last few years as it means you can access all you need to from one device rather than several.

Our third love is Dual Zone technology – a useful feature that splits the car into two zones (front and back) whereby passengers can choose their own entertainment. Found to be often a valuable feature for families, the Dual Zone feature enable passengers at the front to listen to their own music, whilst the back passengers listen to music or watch a film through the attached headrest screens.

Number four on our list is Bluetooth, the technology that allows you to connect your smart phone or iPhone to your stereo. Stream music, take and receive calls all on your stereo whilst on the go. For busy people everywhere, this device is a saviour as they no longer have to fiddle with hands free. With in-built Bluetooth technology, they can instead connect quickly and easily with their loved ones and colleagues.

Our number five car audio love is the iPod Solution kits. Although not at the height of technology, they do enable older stereos to be able to play music from Mp3 players and iPods. Not everyone wants to change their car stereo, but they may still want the latest technology, so these solution kits have developed for that audience. It’s an apt technology for those who just want to connect up to the latest technology without many features, gadgets or gizmos.

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