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Have in mind. Center is not simply new prospects or customers who are looking for your contact page. Your contact page is similar to a business card for your company, so be sure to take advantage of it!

The page should include:

  • If you are a physical retailer and you need the place to be accessible to everyone (if you need free and public access). We generally try to include it in the footer to appear on every page of your site and is easily accessible.
  • Embedded Google Maps or your link on Google Maps (make sure that when someone searches your business and business location on Maps, the correct location is displayed!). Make sure you enter the Google Places map and not a general location.
  • Your company’s postal address (in case it is different from the address or if you do not have a road address)
  • Phone number(s) – the smaller the number, the better. Some websites provide more than ten phone numbers for each employee, which is very confusing and illogical.
  • Your organization name and company name (if your organization name is separate from your company name) – again, customers and providers will require this data from time to time. There may be a slight search engine advantage to having this on the web.
  • A form to get in touch with you – we prefer an email contact form, especially if many questions are being sent. The use of a contact form allows you to organize better the consultation requested by email and obtain all the necessary data in advance.
  • A mailing address (optional) – for the most part, we tend to use a contact form, especially if you have multiple departments and mailing addresses. Instead of posting ten separate addresses, a form structure allows for a much cleaner and more straightforward customer experience.

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Who Is Handling The Queries, And How Would You Ensure They Handle The Queries Properly?

Front desk and administrator staff are not salespeople and are often inadequate individuals to handle inquiries – handling inquiries should go to the sales or customer support team. It’s one of the reasons we recommend the contact form over a mailing address on the contact page, as it allows me to include a drop-down box for the inquiry type and forward the inquiry type to the appropriate email.

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