What Are The Main Functions Of The Safety Boot/ Shoes?

As you know, the safety shoes (รองเท้า เซฟตี้ which is the term in Thai) serves to protect the user’s feet against possible work accidents. However, there are boots with different characteristics, so the person in charge must know how to identify them.

At the time of purchase, the risks to which the professional will be exposed and the exposure time must be taken into account. The responsible team will certainly do a good deal by combining this with knowledge about the PPEs available on the market.

The Safety Boot can protect the user against:

  • Falling of materials that could injure the foot immediately;
  • Electrical discharges;
  • Burns or accidents with chemical and corrosive products;
  • Punctures or the dropping of piercing objects directly onto the feet;
  • Kicks trip or crashes into heavy materials;
  • Prevents falling on slippery or wet ground;
  • Protects against extreme temperatures.

As you can see, it is a Protective Equipment with many advantages. It remains to identify the model that best suits the worker’s working conditions. Suppose you want to deepen your knowledge about this PPE. Check out the complete Safety Footwear guide and find out what the difference is between the models!

What Is The Difference Between The Boot And The Safety Boot?

This is a question that we frequently receive here in the store or on social networks. Many people come looking for a boot when they need a boot or vice versa. The truth is that these two shoes are very different from each other. If they were accidentally exchanged, this would put the worker’s physical integrity at risk, and the company would also be open to fines and penalties.

To differentiate between Boot and Safety shoes (รองเท้า safety which is the term in Thai), you can start by looking at the height of the barrel. If the shoe has a short upper at the ankle, then it is a boot. If the barrel is long, shin height, or more, then this PPE is a boot. To quickly identify, remember that an example of a classic Safety Boot is the white one, made of PVC, often used in butcher shops. The most common Safety Boot is produced in leather, usually black, used by construction professionals, etc.

Of course, these two examples are just tags for you to remember easily. Safety Boots and Boots come in different models, colors, and specifications that can also be important when purchasing.

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