How Do You Explain The Price Of Luxury Watches?

Today, we are looking at the famous reflection: “I do not understand how you can spend such amounts on a watch. I paid my Swatch at a low cost, and it gives the same time as your Rolex Sky-Dweller at a high cost”.

Through this short study, we’re going to layout some thought-provoking points that are supposed to explain the sometimes-impressive prices for automatic watches from some of the biggest brands in the industry. Are the fact of spending amounts equivalent to the price of a new car on wrist timepieces explicable? Is it possible to justify all these zeros?

The Research And Development Prize

Ironically enough, to successfully design a watch takes time. Watchmakers, engineers, creators, drafters, designers; All the trades who work in the design of watches are specialists who have followed training for several years, even several decades before arriving at a level of mastery sufficient to practice their art and thus begin to work concretely on the design of watches.

Luxury Watch Detail

A classic automatic watch movement is already complex, and this gets worse with watches with multiple complications. Some watches are made from more than 700 different parts, all handmade by specialists of all kinds. And these specialists have spent thousands of hours testing processes before being able to manufacture the parts that watchmaking houses will use with their hands. This all has a cost.

The know-how specific to all these craftsmen must be paid and rewarded. In addition to the considerable time, they devote to these production tasks, technique, precision, and careful attention to every detail down to the smallest area necessary for the operation and success of a finished product. By buying a luxury watch,

The Margins Of Intermediaries

Some watch companies sell their products directly to consumers without going through anyone. Some of the watches from these prestigious brands are more affordable than their equivalents from other colleagues due to their direct distribution policy.

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