What are CBD Products?

If you take a closer look on the Internet then, in addition to a vast supply of hemp light , you will be able to find plenty of other products that could be very useful to you in your everyday life. 

What are they then? Let’s give a few examples to understand them a little better!

CBD products: a little introduction of it’s background

Before we start with a clarification on these products, it is good to make a further distinction. CBD stands for cannabidiol while, THC, stands for Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. The former is naturally contained within the cannabis plant and gives the mind and body a pleasant “down-to-earth” feeling of relaxation while, the latter, has psychotropic effects on those who take it by altering their consciousness and perception of reality.

Of course, it goes without saying that the latter is prohibited by law, but it is equally true that CBD products contain it. How then can such buying and selling be legal? But it is simple, light cannabis has a percentage of THC that is around 0.5 percent, and therein lies the crux of the matter.

Therefore, with that percentage there cannot be any kind of psychotropic or harmful effects, there will only be relaxation and that’s enough making sure that the sale and consumption is legal. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that since it is a natural extract, it can also be safely consumed by celiacs, vegans, vegetarians and those with certain intolerances.

CBD products: what are the macro families

A bit like a science study in school, even in the case of CBD products we can see how its products are divided into a few big families! Let us therefore understand together what they are:

  • CBD oil: this particular type of oil can be taken either sub lingually or over the tongue since it can even be used to cook and season certain foods that will be particularly tasty and light
  • CBD seeds: the same as above and especially the cooking part applies, so try them in salads or vegetable dishes to get a feel for them
  • CBD-based cosmetics: skin creams, ointments, shampoos, conditioners and even make – up supplies. A natural solution to those who want to always look good and fit
  • CBD crystals: the purest form of CBD products, which can even exceed the 99% threshold
  • Liquid for electronic cigarettes: smoking almost seems to have gone out of fashion since vaping has taken over the market and lifestyle, so why not take advantage of it to change the taste and aroma of your electronic cigarettes?
  • Legal Weed: the perfect option for those seeking healthy and legal relaxation at the end of a hard week full of stress and various commitments

So these were the big families of CBD products, had you tried them before or is this new ground for you?

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