Submitting Your Music to Blogs and Magazines

When submitting your music, there are several considerations you should keep in mind. Depending on the genre of music you’re writing, it may be better to submit it to an alternative media outlet, such as a blog or online magazine. For example, a blog that focuses on rock music might be a better choice than an alternative publication, which focuses on a more mainstream genre. In such cases, the submission guidelines of the blog or magazine may be different from the guidelines of the actual music submission site.

Make sure that the quality of your submission is up to par. The recordings must be professionally mixed and mastered. A poor recording will only hurt the first impression of your music. Music publishers want radio-ready recordings, which can be used in pitching and can be released straight away. You do not need to submit all your songs, but rather focus on the most impressive. Remember, you may be asked to send several tracks, but only the best ones.

Another consideration when submitting your music is the blog’s audience. Music bloggers love high-quality recordings, and they’re more likely to feature your music. However, it’s important to be careful of scammers – especially on music submission sites like Sharetopros. If you’re paying for your submission, check out their audience and social media engagement before you send them your material. Moreover, don’t send your music to a blog that doesn’t have a large audience, as this will make you appear flier for your music.

Submitting your music to a non-specific genre is rude to the music professionals and shows a lack of research and respect for the genre. It’s better to send an unrelated genre to a large music service that specializes in your genre, as they will probably contact you before releasing your music. Music services generally have several contact email addresses and separate email accounts for different purposes. If you can’t find an email address for a music service, try sending your music to an unknown one that allows you to submit to several sites simultaneously.

When submitting your music, try to identify blogs that already feature the genre of your music. Check out blogs you already read, or use Hype Machine, a site that gathers the latest posts from hundreds of indie music blogs. Make note of those that feature similar music and take note of their contact information. If your music is good, chances are good that it will be featured. It’s important to know the blogs that feature your genre, otherwise, you’ll miss out on valuable exposure for your music.

When sending your music to an independent record label, you should think about getting in touch and submit music to a&r personnel directly. Because these record labels typically receive hundreds of submissions each day and do not have the capacity to respond to each individual producer, you will typically be required to submit a song multiple times before it is heard. It shouldn’t be too difficult to locate the label’s A&R thanks to the fact that smaller labels frequently make their contact information available.

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