Top Tips For Selecting The Right Lighting Fixture For Your Dining Room

When we are designing or re-designing our home space, we often overlook the importance of good lighting fixtures that can either illuminate and highlights a particular space in your house or it can create a dull environment which is not right for the mental and emotional space of everyone living in your home.

After you have completed the decor of the dining room of your house, it is time to light up the room so that when your family sits together every night for dinner and spend some great time bonding with each other, there is enough illumination. The lighting fixtures must also blend in with the decor of the dining room and elevates it.

You can read multiple online blogsto get an idea on what type of chandelier will accentuate the lighting of your dining room. You can read the blog page by Sofary and get an in depth knowledge about chandeliers including the manufacturing process, types of chandeliers, and which one works best for dining rooms depending upon the size, shape, and decor of the room.

How to find out the right shape and size of chandeliers?

The right size of chandelier is a very important factor that can make or break the decor of your dining room. Follow these tips to find a perfect chandelier size with maximum accuracy:

  • The chandelier should not be big enough to cover the entire width of the table.
  • Choose a size that either covers half the table width or a maximum three-fourth of the table area.
  • Placement of the chandelier should be such so as to keep a distance of approximately 48 inches between the walls and chandelier.
  • Determine the height so that there is about 30-36 inches of gap between the table top and the bottom of the chandelier.
  • Another way to find the right size of the lighting fixture is to measure the area of your dining room in feet and use that number in inches. This would become the diameter of your chandelier.

Some tips to create a formal setting for a dining room

If you want to give your dining room a more formal outlook so that you can hold client meetings and office parties at your home, here are some tips that will help in creating a perfect formal atmosphere:

  • Use bold layouts with minimal decor.
  • Use natural materials for construction of the room instead of the new fad varieties as they tend to stick for longer and will not go out of fashion ever.
  • Use grey and cream palettes instead of flashy colours and give it contemporary aesthetics by using crown moldings and crystal chandeliers.
  • You can also use wall mirrors to give it a more contemporary touch.
  • Match dining chairs in shades of cream or grey.
  • Using porcelain table ware will enhance the classy look of your dining table.
  • Use shelves and beautiful cabinets to display your tableware collection.
  • Hints of gold can be used to accentuate the decor.

The most important aspect to remember while creating a dining room decor is to ensure that it connects with you emotionally as you start and end the meals of your day here. Thus, it should be able to get you in the perfect mood.

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