Different housing modes in the new Highland settlement

Having a house is a dream of every individual in Minnesota. Different housing facilities have their own set of requirements that arise out of the resident needs. This is why comprehensive housing facilities are being constructed in various new and smart settlements. One such premier area is the Highland Bridge settlement. It is providing a number of different housing structures that are affordable and customized to the needs of the individual buyers and future residents. Each and every structure is well connected and optimized with the central space. Here are the different modes of housing in the new settlement.

Affordable housing

This is a priority project of the highland project. It aims to keep twenty percent of its entire housing on an affordable basis. These will come with both rental as well as ownership options. This housing system will also be interconnected with the rest of the community diversifications. 


The area will also host a rowhome settlement of fifteen blocks. These houses will have a number of sizes and price options to choose from. They will also come with affordable and vivid floorplans, enclosed parking space and different electricity options. Some of the units will be having terraces with river views and centralized features of water.

Apartment Communities

A complete array of apartments at market rate will be available throughout the new settlement. These apartments are having LEED certifications and come with flexible floor plans of varying nature. It can comprise of a range of studio apartments to a large unit for families. However, each and every unit will have some unique mix of characteristics and features for the interested residents.

Custom Homes

The planning will provide for custom homes that will establish a connecting factor with the other areas around Mississippi River. These homes will be the soft edge of this new settlement and will be homogenous with the neighborhood areas along the river corridor.

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