The Best French Bulldog features You Would Like to Know

Most Frenchie dogs like to stroke. But not all places are a favorite. Read here where you should and should not pet a dog.

The benefits of stroking for both dog and owner

Stroking and stroking is nice. When you pet your dog, endorphins are released that ensure a happy feeling both with you and with your dog. When you pet your French Bulldog, you as a human also release oxytocin, which ensures a relaxed feeling. Your heart rate goes down, stress decreases and your blood pressure is slightly lower due to that oxytocin.

Prefer not a hug! Before we start stroking, let’s start with this. Most dogs do not like a hug, which is a hug. Not all dogs experience a hug as affection. Your four-legged friend may experience it as threatening. He feels he cannot easily flee during an embrace.

Some dogs just don’t want to be petted

Like humans, not all dogs like to stroke. This may have to do with upbringing or past experiences. Would you rather not be stroked? Not even in the generally favorite places, then it is better to leave your dog alone. Some dogs just don’t like it. Fortunately the majority of dogs like a cares if it is done correctly.

Does your dog suffer from something?

Your dog does not like to be stroked in certain places, but otherwise your four-legged friend likes to be stroked? Then there may be something wrong. Especially if you were allowed to stroke that spot before. Do you notice that your dog feels uncomfortable when he touches a certain spot and gives a growl, scream or chew, for example? Then visit a vet to have that place examined.

Which dog do you pet?

There is also a difference in which dog you pet. If it is your own dog, you can often do much more than with a strange dog. Your Frenchie dog will take a lot more from his owner than from a person he sees only a few times a year or for the first time.

Stroke unknown dog

If friends or family have a new dog, don’t go eager to pat it. Be cautious when you first meet a dog. Let your hand hang down relaxed and don’t look directly at the dog. This can be perceived as threatening. Let the dog approach you and sniff your hand. Never bend over the dog, it can be perceived as dominant behavior. Does the dog stop sniffing and doesn’t run? Then you can gently stroke him over his back or side.

Where do dogs like to be petted?

It is important to first discover where your dog likes to be petted. So start gently stroking in different places to see what your four-legged friend reacts to. Often the eyes close and your dog stretches out when petting relaxes him or her.

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