Steps To Deal With Office Syndrome And Neck Pain

Among the health issues affecting the office workers is office syndrome that occurs due to long stretch of sitting or standing in the same position. Over a period, the muscles contract causing repetitive strain. Some of the symptoms to note due to wrong sitting posture in the office are tightness of muscles in the neck, resulting in extreme discomfort and pain. Unless you change positions frequently when working for long hours or limit certain movements of the neck, the problems may turn serious. Typically, office syndrome is a group of symptoms that may occur when people sit in front of the computer screen for several hours.

Causes of neck pain

Studies reveal that bad ergonomics in the workplace is one of the major causes of office syndrome and neck pain [ออฟฟิศ ซิ น โดร ม ปวด คอ, which is the name in Thai].Typically, wrong height and distance of the computer screen, desk, and chair has a direct impact on neck pain. Usually, the placement of the office chair determines the distribution of pressure and the bend of spine, resulting in increased pressure through the vertebra. When the computer screen is placed at a greater distance than usual, an individual needs to move the neck abnormally forward to adjust the eyes. Moreover, when the arms do not get the support of the armrest n the chair, it creates excessive pressure and pain in the neck region.  

Seeking medical assistance

If you fail to get pain relief even after adjusting the computer screen and the placement of the desk and chair, it is necessary to get medical assistance. Visiting a physical the therapist helps you ascertain the exact cause of office syndrome and the neck pain symptoms you experience. Herniated discs may cause the neck pain to worsen and you may also experince a tingling or numbing sensation in the body. Discussing your problems with the therapist is likely to reveal the best solutions.

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