3 Essential Facts About Cool Sculpting That Every Patient Must Know

If you have been trying to find a safe and non-surgical way to reduce weight, then you should start gathering knowledge about Cool Sculpting [ลด ไขมัน ด้วย ความ เย็น, which is the term in Thai]. It is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the extra kilos you have put on. But before undergoing the procedure, you should know about a few facts that will help you in the final decision-making.

  1. It is not for heavily overweight people.

Many people opt for the procedure because it is a simple and painless process to lose weight. But it is also true that it can help you to reduce weight up to a certain limit. But when your BMI is over 30, the impact won’t be as dramatic as you expect. The approximate reduction of fat happens by 24%, which is not enough to make any remarkable difference in the larger fat deposits. 

  1. Choose a trained and qualified practitioner.

Although the procedure of Cool Sculpting is very safe, it is equally important to undergo the treatment under certified professionals. Many unscrupulous people try to claim to be the specialists, and you will end up getting no result or even developing severe symptoms from the wrong procedure. Always choose the experienced and trained professionals who have already handled many cases and are familiar with the treatment plan. 

  1. Mild discomfort is normal.

The process is always non-invasive, and you will experience little or no pain at all during the treatment. So you can return to the daily activities immediately as there are no incisions and hence, no need for time to recover. However, 10% of patients have sometimes complained of very mild discomfort for a brief period which goes away within some time over the counter pain relief drugs can help. 

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