SBI Credit Card: Offers, Rewards & Statements

The State Bank of India offers customers a wide variety of credit cards designed to accurately suit consumer spending. SBI customers primarily choose cards due to SBI Credit Card offers like free access to airport lounges. It’s a good idea to know about the rewards of getting the most of your card. On Finserv MARKETS, you can learn a lot about these sought-after cards and even apply for one.

What is the SBI Bank Credit Card Statement?

When you use your SBI Credit Card, you get a free credit period in which you purchase goods and services with your card. This period can last anywhere from a month to forty-five days, depending on the card. At the end of this period, a statement is generated. This is your SBI Credit Card statement. In effect, a credit card bill, showing amounts of money spent with your card, and locations of purchase, shows the total amount of what you owe. This amount, including any fees and surcharges, must be settled by a due date. Your bill should be read carefully, as it shows any rewards redeemable (or redeemed), EMI payments and other details. Furthermore, your bill exhibits a ‘minimum amount due’. This is a limited amount to pay to maintain your card.

How to Pay Your Credit Card Bill

Typically, you can settle your SBI Credit Card statement offline and online. The offline mode of payment is in the form of a DD, cheque, ATM, or cash. You can visit any SBI Bank and pay through these methods. A more common way to pay is by these ways, online:

  • Netbanking Payment – You can use net banking if you are an SBI Bank customer through
  • Payment Through NEFT – If you hold an SBI card, but an account in another bank, you can pay online through NEFT. Login to netbanking of your own bank and register SBI Card as a beneficiary, under ‘third party transfer’. Add the IFSC code (SBIN00CARDS) of SBI Bank. After entering your card number, select the beneficiary account as ‘Credit Card Payment’. You will have to fill in the bank name as ‘SBI Credit Card-NEFT’. Click on the submit button. Your card is registered to make payments through your bank.

You can also pay your SBI card bill online through Paytm or NACH.

Save Money with Top Exclusive SBI Credit Card Offers

SBI Credit Card reward points and offers can save you money as you get value back deals and discounts. Here are some of note:

  • Travel Offers – Rail tickets can be bought with a maximum of 10% value back as reward points. You also get 1% off on transaction charges when you buy rail tickets.
  • Fuel Value Back – You get value back offers on your BPCL SBI card amounting to 4.25% per transaction.
  • Rewards – In terms of reward points, different SBI cards hold a variety of point schemes. For instance, the BPCL SBI card gets you 5 x reward points for every Rs.100 spent.

Earn with SBI Cards

You earn as you spend with your SBI Credit Card. Learn how to grab this card at Finserv MARKETS where you get to research offers on any SBI card you wish to avail of.

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