Mother’s Day Brunch Brought To You By My Cuisinart Food Processor

Every year we host a Mother’s Day brunch at our home. Between the couples and the children it turns out to be about 30 people all together. It’s quite a big job but it’s well worth all of the work that gets done ahead of time.

We plan different games for the kids and have them all involved in various things while the moms get to relax with a frozen cocktail. I make batches of a few different cocktails to have ready in my Cuisinart food processor. I never realized in the past that this was possible, but once I did, it was a total game changer for brunch.

I use my Cuisinart food processor for preparing a lot of the appetizers as well. It’s so versatile. I make about 5 light dishes to serve, and the guests bring the rest of the food. I’m able to prep a lot of the veggies in the food processor rather than having to chop by hand. It’s such a massive time saver.

The only issue I ever found was taking the time to clean up between everything that I was making. That’s when I realized that I could probably order extra work bowls to switch out more easily and do less cleaning in between just to maximize my time. I could deal with the mess after the fact, or better yet, let my husband or kids take care of it.

I visited the KitchenWorksUSA website and was able to find the Cuisinart DLC-8 4-piece Tritan Bowl Kit part. I ordered 2 so I could have a seamless transition between foods. It was such a great idea and made my prep even easier which I did not think was remotely possible. Who knew?

The best part is that I can make all of these things up in advance and relax a little on Mother’s Day also. Luckily my husband will take on the bulk of the work for the day of, along with some of the other men. My older child helps out too, so it’s an all around win for everyone.

The last brunch went wonderfully and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. I was able to have things prepped so quickly that it hardly even felt like work for me. The atmosphere was really relaxed since things were set and ready to go. I was able to socialize without being stressed out. It was just as it should be for busy moms who need a break. My Cuisinart food processor was the ticket to making that happen!

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