London Erotic massage – Benefits of Practicing Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is a fantastic opportunity to unwind, connect, and explore pleasure with a partner or close friend. This experience will help you to explore sensual energy in new ways, and it will also serve as a great warm-up for making love. Learn about the six advantages of erotic massage.


Just after your mental and physical preparation, the next thing to do is to decide who is going to give and who is going to receive. Invite the recipient to lie face down on a massage table, bed, or floor blanket. You have to make sure that they are warm and at ease.

 After that, the provider centers themselves and gently places their hands on the recipient. Recognize that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to honor and serve your lover. Attenuate your attention on the recipient. Breathing with them for a few minutes is one method to tune in.

This next part is where things will begin to feel spicy. Begin by delicately brushing its skin with feathers, fur, or the tips of your fingers to arouse it. Cover their body with heated oil when you’re ready. Use long, slow strokes when massaging. You’re massaging their entire body, not just the surface.

Loosen up and massage your companion with various areas of your body, such as your hair, arms, and chest. Be fun, inquisitive, and inventive. Encourage them to move their bodies, take deep breaths, and create noises. This enables the body’s energy to awaken, move, and discharge.

Offer to explore their genitals when they’re ready. Begin by applying oil to the exterior of the genitals. Be nice and patient at first. Allow time for any tension in the region to dissipate. Pay attention to their body language. Keep an eye on how they react and grow excited. Concentrate on what makes people happy. Experiment with different strokes.

As things get intense, bodies grow hot, her breaths give a boiling sensation under your skin, giving you a sort of pleasurable jolt between your thighs. Finish strong by spooning your heart centers together and connecting them with love, compassion, and appreciation. Assist them to a position of peak pleasure and conclude with a Heart Salutation.


With such techniques and skills, giving your partner the London Erotic massage will be an experience they will never forget; one among several advantages. Aside from this, the following listed below are the specific benefits of performing an erotic massage:

1) It triggers whole-body healing and waking up and sharpening the senses for pleasure.

2) It permits you to experiment and be creative with pleasure in novel ways.

3) It enhances your connection to your partner through eye contact, synchronized breathing, and touch.

4) It establishes a conscious bond between the provider and the recipient.

5) It awakens the full-body orgasm, opening the gates of pleasure by using breath, music, and movement.

6) It dispels the illusion of separation, allowing your souls to intertwine and oneness to shine through.

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