Why Is the Apollo Study Table the Best Home Furniture?

Study desks are much like a secret getaway. You get to sit down in your dedicated space, letting your mind travel into the endless gateways of creativity, knowledge and learning, all while you are physically seated.  Often, this is the one place that you sit to be your most productive self when it comes to academic, domestic or professional work. Studying or working from your own Wakefit study table in a quiet environment can encourage you to focus clearly on the intended task. 

Imagine the option of a calm, uncluttered study area in your home where you can focus with minimal distractions. And no, you don’t need to renovate your home to create this space, instead, you could re-design a corner of your existing room with two of the best home furniture online options, a study table and an ergonomic chair. With the latest ongoings of a global pandemic and an increase in work from home options, what better time to invest in one?

What is a Study Table?

Most people get carried away with the word ‘study’ in study tables assuming they are just for students or those inclined in research.  Study tables can be used by anyone who spends multiple hours at a desk to work on their laptops, computers, do artwork, write, read, the list is endless. These tables are often made of solid wood making them a sturdy option and are generally ergonomically designed too. This makes it supportive for long hours of working without stressing our body while seated all while long.  

Some of these come with drawers and compartments too that allow you to store your daily work-related essentials like books, stationery, chargers, accessories with ease of access. 

Why a Study Table is the best decision for you?

Sitting for long hours can create short and long term health issues. The most common ones include:

  • Stiff neck and shoulders

Sitting for long hours in the same position while working on a laptop or computer can give you a stiff neck and shoulders. Especially if you are crouching over the screen for an extended amount of time. 

  • Spider veins in legs

Working long hours sitting can lead to swollen, visible veins in the legs. Though not harmful, they can potentially lead to blood clots. The inability to stretch your legs out in equal breaks can also lead to poor circulation overall.

  • Osteoporosis 

Sitting in unsupportive seating for long periods can add pressure into the front of the spine while giving low activity to your bones. The latter leads to the bones losing density over time and increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

  • Eyestrain

Staring at a screen without breaks can lead to dryness, soreness and redness of the eye

Investing in a sturdy and ergonomically designed study table can ensure some of these health concerns are at bay. Sitting on a table that allows you to stretch your legs and keep your spine in its natural S-curved position with arms rested comfortably on either side can help your body alleviate potential pains. 

Apart from the health perspective, having a study table allows you to:

  1. Improve focus

Working from home doesn’t always allow to focus on the task given. There are multiple factors that you balance sharing space with other family members. That is why having a dedicated quiet space allows you to settle in and focus on the task given. This in turn also improves chances of productivity as there are fewer distractions.

  1. Improve sleep pattern

Familiar working on your laptop from bed? Mixing work and sleep has proven to be a disastrous formula where neither of the activities gets complete. Much like how a laptop needs a shutdown to charge, your bed is meant to be your place to relax mentally and physically. A study table encourages segregation of work, allowing you to mentally switch on while on the table and switch off while away from it.

  1. Be organized

Never go searching for your work-related things from a pile on the dining table or kitchen floating tables. Instead, use the inbuilt storage options in a study table to stow away documents, files, books, chargers, stationery, etc., all available at your fingertips. 

What qualities should be there in the perfect study table?

The Apollo Study table online by Wakefit covers the basic must-haves in a study table. Make sure to keep this list handy:

  • Easy setup and dismantle: Who has time to spend in complicated drilling and set up? The Apollo study table is so easy to set up that anyone can set it up. Changed your mind about the location of your study table? No sweat, dismantle this piece as easy as it was to set it up and move it to wherever suited.
  • Easy to maintain: Made with a combination of elegant engineered wood and the rich texture of solid wood, this table is super easy to maintain. The solid wood legs also allow for cleaning easily without having to physically move the table aside.
  • Durability: The wood used in Wakefit’s Apollo Study table is moisture resistant and treated to repel termites, it is absolutely durable.
  • Storage option: The deep drawers in this table allow you to store all your tools neatly, without being cramped for space. Be it documents or books, there’s space for it to be tucked neatly and accessible.
  • Design: It is classy making it a brilliant piece of furniture to marry into any interior theme. The options of Authentic Ash Light and the rich Columbian Walnut colours are sure to be an eye-catcher in any room. 
  • Leg space: The best point of all, there’s plenty of leg space in the Apollo Study Table as the design is curated in a way that every workaholic can run their deadlines without feeling the stress in feet. 

Enjoy a calm, peaceful, dedicated space of your own with a desk that’ll help you with every task you wish to complete. Your success stories start from your home.

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