What To Do If You’re A Victim Of Semi Truck Accident

Being a victim of a semi truck accident, no matter how minor can be traumatic to any motorist. Semi trucks are very large vehicles and there is no way to know how bad the outcome is until all has calmed down. Even if the damage was simply just psychological trauma, an Indianapolis semi truck accident lawyer will still defend clients for due compensation.

However, before heading to court, here are some tips to keep in mind while in the midst of the accident:

Tip 1: Do Not Flee The Site. Wait For First Responders To Arrive

Even if you are innocent, never leave the site of the accident. Victims of the accident, although they might need medical assistance should never leave the site. It is best to wait for first responders to arrive at the scene as leaving can nullify any future cases as you will be reported as fleeing the scene of the accident.

Tip 2: Do Not Admit Fault Or Apologize

While it is human nature to apologize, doing so during an accident is never a good idea. It is best to stay away from the driver of the semi truck until police officers arrive. Apologizing is just like admitting fault, which can be used against you in court.

Tip 3: Contact Your Lawyer

Those who are able to, call your Indianapolis semi truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. If they can arrive at the location and be by your side moving forward, the better it will be for your case.

Tip 4: Never Refuse Treatment

Even if you feel okay or all of the injuries are minor, it is highly recommended to accept medical treatment from first responders. This ensures that all of your injuries are documented in case something goes undetected on site. Having a written copy of the injuries is also useful when filing for a case against the semi truck driver or the company they work for.

Tip 5: Document All Medical Treatments Administered On Site

Lawyers on site will get copies of all the treatment given to you on site. However, if your lawyer cannot be there to do so, you must request these copies yourself. Be sure to give as many details of any aches, pain, cuts, bruises, and any other injuries during the initial assessment for accuracy.

Tip 6: When Possible, Collect Vital Information

Victims who are able to, make sure to gather as much information on site as possible. This includes the name, contact details, and insurance provider of the driver as well as all the occupants in all vehicles involved plus the names of any witnesses. If applicable, take note of the company’s name and contact details too.

Remember the location of the accident and cross-check the details with the police report. To make it easier for your lawyer, also note down the badge number of the officers present during the accident.

Tip 7: Take Pictures

Finally, do not forget to take pictures. These will serve as one of the most compelling evidence in court and your lawyer will find these very useful.

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