What to consider before you propose to your partner

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Proposing to your partner is a huge step in your relationship! It’s both scary and exciting, so it’s understandable why you might be feeling a little bit nervous about taking this step. Despite the number of different books, reality shows, and films about marriage, the meaning and significance of marriage hasn’t changed. It’s a huge step and as exciting as it may be, it shouldn’t be entered into lightly – if only it were as simple as popping the question!

Here are the things you need to consider before you get down on one knee and propose to your partner:

Marital Views

Believe it or not, some people actually don’t want to get married. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to commit to someone, they just may have a different on the official status of ‘marriage’. So, the first thing you need to do is to check in with yourself and ask if you actually want to get married. If you do want to get married, you then need to understand what marriage means to you and what you want your marriage to look like. Then you need to check in with your partner – even if you don’t want to get married as they may have different ideas.

Be open when discussing this with your partner. It’s not about winning or converting someone to your point of view. Instead, your goal should be to reach a mutual understanding or goal you can both agree on. Discussing marriage will not give away your intentions! If anything, it will help you get on the same page and probably give you some ideas of how best to propose!

The Ring

Should you get the green light and decide that you will pop the question, the next step is to get a ring! Getting an engagement ring is not an exact science and isn’t as simple as walking into a store and getting the most expensive diamond ring you can afford. This is an item your partner will be wearing every day, for the rest of their lives, so it needs to be special and personal.

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The Proposal

Now you’ve got the ring, you need to plan the proposal. A ‘perfect proposal’ doesn’t exist, however, the best to get as close as possible to this is to make it about your partner. If they’re shy, don’t do it in front of a large crowd. If they love a spectacle, give them one. Plan it with only your partner in mind and you can’t go wrong – it is about them after all!

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