What Do You Need For Towing?

Here you can find out when towing by towing service example towing service  Rama 9(รถยก พระราม9 which is the term in Thai) for instance, is allowed, what you need for it, and what you have to pay attention to so that you can tow a car correctly and safely.

“You can use a rope or a pole to tow the vehicle. The following applies to both: “They must be fastened in a traffic-safe manner. The towing eyes on both cars are used for fastening. The towing hook is hooked into the eyes. The front eyelet is located on the front of the car, usually offset to the left or right at the license plate level. You will usually find a small lid there that hides the towing eye.

Every car must have a front tow hook for it to be towed. This is mandatory in Germany. Many cars also have a towing eye on the back of the car, usually under the bumper. You can find out exactly where it is in your car in your owner’s manual. You can only attach the rope or rod to the hook at the two eyelets.

It is also essential: “Neither a rod nor a rope may be attached diagonally. Otherwise, there is a risk that the car will break out and, in the worst case, skid. If the car has a towing eye on the left and right, you have to attach a rope or bar to be attached to both cars on the same side: so on both cars on the right or both cars on the left. The following applies: Rope or rod attached between the two cars must form a straight line parallel to the road.

It is also essential: “The rope and pole must not be longer than five meters and must be identified in the middle. “For example, red cloth or a red flag is suitable for this. In this way, other drivers can quickly see that it is a towing maneuver.

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