Types of bonuses over the slot xo

The slot xo platform is one of the famous betting platforms or betting websites out there. It’s no surprise that earning money over the slot xo platform has become easy. The slot xo platform is known for its bonuses, promotions, and jackpots. These are the many reasons why people are earning money while playing games and placing bets over the slot xo platform.

It is the perfect platform for betting and gambling enthusiasts, the registrations are easy, the information safety is guaranteed, a variety of games are available, and with the games comes numerous jackpots. In this article, mainly the bonuses and their types are covered. These are the most common bonuses that one who plays on the slot xo platform receives:

  • New member bonus:

When one has recently signed up with the slot xo platform, one is eligible for the new member bonus. Whenever one deposits any amount of money in their slot xo account, one gets a whopping 120% of the new member bonus on that particular amount. Many websites offer this kind of bonus, but one thing particular about the slot xo platform is that: it not only offers a full amount of deposit as a bonus but also 20% more is added to it.

  • Loss bonus:

There are ups and downs when one is betting over the slot xo platform. No person can win all the bets. There are days one loses money in gambling. But with the slot xo platform by one’s side, one can redeem the lost amount. The platform counts the amount one has lost in a month and returns the 5% of the total amount of money. The amount can help one get back on track if one is on a tight budget.

  • Deposit bonus:

Another bonus that one can take advantage of is the deposit bonus. It is different from the first deposit bonus, and more are focused together players who are regular on the slot xo platform. One can enjoy this bonus while one deposits money in their account. The 10% of it is returned back in form of a bonus.

  • First deposit bonus:

The first deposit bonus is specially meant for the newcomers who have registered with the slot xo platform. The percentage of the first deposit bonus depends on the amount that is deposited. The more money deposited, the more bonus one will receive. Therefore it is advisable to deposit a chunk of money on one’s first deposit.

  • Birthday bonus:

The birthday bonus is a long-shot bonus for everyone. If one has been registered with the slot xo platform for more than two months, one is eligible for the birthday bonus. Every year one gets a certain amount added on their birthday date by the slot xo platform as their birthday gifts. Therefore don’t forget to put the birthdate while registering.

  • Holiday bonus:

Another kind of bonus that the slot xo platform is famous for is the holiday bonuses. Every time any international day, Independence Day of a specific country, the religious holiday occurs, the slot xo platform ensures that a certain amount of credit is added to the users that are eligible for those holiday bonuses.

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