Treatments for Female Pattern Hair Loss: Four Ways to Fight Balding

Treatments for Female Pattern Hair Loss: Four Ways to Fight Balding

Female pattern hair loss can happen because of many reasons: hormone levels, genetics, natural process, etc. But there are many treatments one can adapt to fight hair loss. Let’s learn more about Female Pattern Hair Loss.

What are female pattern hair loss and its treatment?

Female pattern hair loss is a phase of losing hair, known as androgenetic alopecia, which causes baldness in women. It is somewhat similar to male baldness except for women losing their hair in a paternalistic manner than men. It is a normal problem that every woman faces age she ages. It is hereditary, which is more common after menopause; therefore, hormones play a major role. But the best alternative treatment of female pattern hair loss is Indulekha oil. It has the properties of herbs to fight baldness.

Four ways to fight balding

  • Hormone Therapy

If you have problems with hormonal imbalances because of menopause, which causes hair loss, your doctor might suggest hormone therapy. Some of the prominent treatments include birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy for either progesterone or estrogen. 

  • Follow a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle

Eating foods full of different nutrients and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the most followed and effective manners to fight hair baldness. A bit of exercise and essential nutrients required in the body plays a major role in maintaining healthy hair.

  • Using Indulekha Neemraj Oil

Indulekha Neemraj Oil is not a regular oil, and it is prepared with Ayurvedic herbs which contain herbs like Pudina, Brahmi, Bringha, Neem, Svetakutaja, etc., which is clinically proven to help the females facing paternalistic hair loss and baldness problems by providing deep penetration of the oil into the women’s scalp.

  • Everyday scalp massage

Scalp massage helps in increasing blood circulation in the head, which also helps in clearing away dandruff. It is one of the effective processes to keep the hair follicles healthy.

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