Top sexual wellness trends for everyone to explore in 2022

Sexual wellness is the most popular topic of the year, surpassing oat milk, matcha, and yoga, with searches for the term rising by an astounding 123% globally (as per Internet).

The hazy sex taboo is finally dissipating thanks to social media and Generation Z. We want to celebrate the fact that we are now defending our sexual identities. So instead of going around in circles, let’s get to the heart of the sexual wellness trends!

There is now more to sex than just the physical. Since we have been in and out of lockdown for the past two years, people have had to really think about their own sexual lives. For instance, since we are no longer dependent on others for fulfilment, there is a growing recognition that sexual wellness is essential for our emotional and physical health.

Product advancements for women’s sexual wellness

The market for sexual items and sex toys has experienced a significant increase. New, fashionable goods have recently been introduced to elevate men and women’s self-pleasure thanks to the expanding sexual wellness sector.

Group or Individual Therapy

It’s likely that you picture a psychologist when you think of therapy. Sex therapists do exist, though, and many people have benefited from their knowledge. You can go alone, with a partner, or with a group. Some people go to explore their sexuality, while others go to work through problems they might be having, such as in relationships or in trying to overcome performance anxiety. Many will assign tasks to their clients, much like you would if you went to traditional therapy. The only distinction is that rather than addressing mental health issues, the sessions concentrate on your sexual wellness.


Coaching can be just what you need to spice up things in the bedroom or to just add to your knowledge if you enjoy adventure or hands-on learning. Due to the fact that coaches frequently hold professional licences, you should choose one with the appropriate credentials. This often goes hand in hand with sex therapy. They do not engage with their clients physically; instead, they help them navigate problems like low libido, dysfunction, and even sexless marriages.

Changing demands and the market

Personal and intimate care goods are positioned to become the next large market due to changing attitudes around sex and sexual health. Self-care products’ transformation from luxury to necessity has played a crucial role in the explosion of sexual health products on the market.

Items coming under this umbrella mix delight with wellbeing and cater to personal care, menstruation, and masturbation. They are not simply limited to toys and lubricants. Retailers see female sexual wellbeing as a significant commercial potential.

Flavoured lubricants are becoming an important segment under the sexual wellness umbrella. For instance, the flavoured lubes and arousal gels are most likely to get an enormously positive reception from buyers and consumers on a shelf cluttered with a selection of regular personal lubricants.

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