Tips to get your international trademarks filed

Your brand is unique, so why should your business be any less so? Trademark protection is the most effective way to keep others from using your brand name or logo without your permission.

Instead of simply creating a new business name or registering a domain name, you can also get an international trademark on your business name this protects your business name against being used by others without your permission.

To get your international trademark, you’ll need to understand how to file the application in each country.

Check if you’re already trademarking your brand name

Before you file, it’s important to check if your brand name is trademarked if you’ve been using your brand name for 3 years or more, you can apply for a trademark in the country where your business operates.

If you are just starting to use your brand name and haven’t been using it for 3 years yet, there is a chance that someone else has already trademarked your brand name, to avoid conflict, it may be worth checking the register of international trademarks before applying.


Make sure you’re using your brand name properly

Before you can get international trademarks, you need to make sure that you’re using your brand name properly, you should be using it as an identifier of the goods and services that your company offers. This will allow people who see the trademark to know what they’ll be getting when they purchase the product or service.


Don’t be afraid to add a word or two to your trademark

If you’re not sure if your trademark is available, use a service to find out and if the words you want to use in your trademark are not yet registered, don’t be afraid to add a word or two and make it your own.

A lot of businesses can end up with very generic names that are available worldwide, for example, a law firm might call themselves Smith Law Firm, LLC or a restaurant could be called Joe’s Bar and Grill, adding a few words can help make your business more unique. You can also trademark symbols, colors, or even shapes.


Label your products correctly

Labeling your products correctly is an important step in the trademark process without proper labeling, you won’t be able to show that your business is the producer of a certain product.

For example, if you make perfumes, you’ll need to label them with perfumes by your company name, this will show that your company made the perfumes and help prevent counterfeiting. If you want to learn more about how international trademark filing works, reach out to a lawyer for a consultation.


Build up a strong trademark during the registration period

Registering your name internationally can be expensive but if you want to keep others from using your trademark, then it’s worth the expense.

One of the most important things to do before filing is to build up a strong trademark during the registration period.

You can do this by building up a positive reputation for your brand, registering domain names and social media handles in your business name, and ensuring all your marketing materials use your trademark, too.

Doing these things will help strengthen your trademark, which will make it easier for you to get an international trademark later on.

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