Tips On How To Sell Instagram

We’ve gathered what you need to use directly to attract customers and increase sales just like on For the avoidance of doubt, direct is the Instagram inbox messaging feature. Check out:

1. Create A Business Profile

The first tip on how to sell through Instagram direct is to use a business profile for this strategy. It may seem like a simple detail, but choosing to work with a profile for the company guarantees exclusive features of the platform, such as data analysis and performance metrics, as well as buttons that direct the user to the virtual store. You can create a business profile from scratch or migrate from a personal profile. Both options are entirely free. After creating it, you can also integrate it with your Facebook fan page.

2. Make Business Profile Optimizations

Once your business profile is ready, it’s essential to make some optimizations to make a good first impression on visitors and make them your followers. For example, pay close attention to your profile bio. The phrase in your bio should briefly describe what the company does and how it can help the user. The phrase must be designed to talk to those passing through your profile, meaning it must be simple and practical. Some professionals decide to avoid phrases and put the profile category, such as “Entrepreneur.”

Others decide to put more complete data in the bio, such as the brand’s differential, the segment, and the link to the official website. Regardless of choice, the most important thing is to cherish the lightness and conciseness of the information. Also, don’t forget to think about your business profile avatar. It can be your brand’s logo, but if the company is focused on the entrepreneur’s image, a photo of you must convey credibility and authority. Therefore, avoid low-resolution photos and the application of filters. Prefer quality images in their original formats.

3. Send Welcome Messages

Many users follow business profiles because of occasional interest in a post shared by another, but they forget about the brand shortly afterward. A practical tip to not let your business fall into oblivion so quickly is to take the first step in user interaction. Welcome messages are great for starting a conversation and demonstrating that users have an open channel to ask questions about the company’s products or services when they need them. Best of all, you can use the automatic messages feature, which is sent directly without any operator having to do this. It is an interesting solution as your profile gains more followers.

After all, it is difficult to write a welcome message and manage everyone you communicate with if the number of followers is already significant. However, the automatic message requires care so that the sending does not appear too “robotic” or strange to the user. The best alternative is to use managers for the automatic sending of messages.

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