Tips and Tricks on How to Take Care of Your Designer Sunglasses

8 Tips to extend the life of your sunglasses

Since sunglasses are very important all year long, we asked experts to share some tips when it comes to taking care of these eyepieces. There is nothing worse than devastating your favorite designer sunglasses. If you are currently looking for new eyewear or have already bought the glasses that perfect look on you, continue reading and finding tips to protect your valuable sunglasses. 

Prevent scratching

There is nothing worse than finding scratch marks on your designer eyepiece. Don’t you agree? That is why the best way to prevent these unfortunate events is to keep them in their protective case while not wearing them. Visit this site to find out more about how to remove scratch marks.

Clean it properly

Another valuable tip when it comes to taking care of your eyewear is to clean it regularly and properly. People would think that cleaning its lenses using their shirt like you are used to doing is the right way of cleaning it, but in reality, it is not. Always use microfiber cleaning cloths that come with the eyepiece. It is there for a reason. It will help people remove smudges and dirt.

Do not wear the glasses on top of the head

While wearing luxurious sunglasses on top of the head might make people look very cool, it can totally damage its lens and frame. It is because when people wear their sunglasses on top of their heads, the screws holding up the eyepiece will loosen, and it can easily fall off. It can also damage the nose pads, as well as the insides of the lens.

Handle with extreme caution

Needless to say that people need to handle their eyepieces with extreme care. It means that gently put them on and off and ensure that you do not bend or stretch the eyewear’s temples or arms.

Avoid at all cost, excessive heat

That is a suggestion everyone should not take for granted when it comes to taking care of their eyepieces; that is why never, at all cost, leave this thing inside the care during hot summer days. Avoid exposing them to excessive heat because it can lead to frame distortion.

Always use the hard case that comes with it

If individuals want to store their designer eyepiece like Dita glasses, they need to make sure that they are using the hard case that comes with it. While it may not be perfect for everyday use, as they are pretty bulky and might not fit in most handbags, using their hard cases is a must if the user is storing or packing their sunglasses for a significant amount of time.

Beach time and eyewear

To take care of these things when going out on a beach, people need to pick first the right type of eyepiece to bring and wear when they are on the beach. Whether they are the kind of person who plays water sports or just wants to lie down on the sand and relax, there is a suitable pair of eyewear for them. Not only that, make sure to keep them protected at all times while you are not using them because seawater and sand can cause a lot of damage.

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