The Most Important Properties Of A Good Doormat

If you want to buy a doormat like anti fatigue drainage mats, or you are looking to get a doormat. Here are some of the best properties it should come with:

  • Washable: Washable means that a mat is also able to be a part inside your washing machine. Washable is necessary since each doormat gets completely dirty at a point. For it to do well again, it requires cleaning on times.
  • Non-slip: A non-slip property is also a benefit when the doormat’s underside is lightly rubberized. Therefore, it won’t slip away. It stays in place and at the same time offers protection against excessive moisture and black ice in the entrance area. If you are looking for a very easy-care doormat, a ring rubber mat would be recommended here.
  • Absorbent: This only applies to a few doormats. From Large doormats, but you can expect that these are absorbent to some degree. Ideal for not carrying moisture into the house. This also protects ice deposits.
  • Robust: Some natural and man-made fibers prove to be particularly durable. They can withstand heavy loads without suffering from rapid wear and tear. Pay attention when many people pass the mat, even more so if you use them outdoors. Read more: Floor mats for outside.
  • Personalized: You don’t want to buy a run-of-the-mill doormat? Then we advise you to choose a personalized variant. You can have a saying, a sample, or a photo printed on it. Doormats with names are also popular.


  • All the advantages of floor mats at a glance:
  • Beautiful floor mats are an eye-catcher on the front door
  • They serve as dirt traps
  • Some protection against moisture and black ice
  • Individual design through colors, patterns, and designs
  • Available in numerous sizes
  • Buying a doormat: It is essential to pay attention to this
  • When buying floor mats, pay attention to these criteria to make the best choice

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