Step By Step Hard Reset On The Samsung Galaxy

Before a hard reset, the most important thing is to save the data so that you do not lose any system data, images that are important to you, and the like. The first important step before a hard reset is always to create a backup.

In the second step, either the “Settings” option or the “Recovery mode” option is used to reset the device to the factory settings. The third step is essential if you want to sell your Samsung smartphone: completely erase all private data. We will now explain all three steps in detail.

Hard Reset – Create Android Backup.

There are several ways to create a backup. You can either use backup apps such as My Phone Explorer or Helium Backup, the individual Google account, or the manufacturer software “Samsung Smart Switch” or “KIES” (for older Samsung models). Only when you have backed up all user settings, apps, contacts, photos, and everything else that is important to you should you start resetting the Samsung smartphone. All Android smartphones can be reset in the same way. The methods can therefore be transferred to any Samsung Galaxy model.

Samsung Hard Reset – Factory Reset

If you select the “Settings” option for resetting, this works the same for all Samsung Galaxy models and Samsung tablet. Still, individual setup steps may differ depending on the smartphone model and software version. The screenshots shown were taken with a Samsung Galaxy A51.

To restore your mobile phone to the factory settings, go to “Settings” in the menu of your smartphone and then click on the “General Management” tab and then on “Reset”. Then click on the “Reset to factory settings” button. Now the Samsung Galaxy knows explicitly about the hard reset, and there is (almost) no turning back. The Samsung device now informs the user which accounts and data are affected by the hard reset and are thus deleted from the phone memory. In the course of this, you can also include the SD card – if available. In the last step, you will be finally asked to confirm the hard reset step by clicking on “Reset.”, which can be done on Hard Reset Samsung SM-G550T Galaxy On5

Then all data will be deleted, and the smartphone will be reset to factory settings. So that no unauthorized person can perform a hard reset on your device, you will be asked to enter your PIN or password in this last step. Once the hard reset has been completed, the smartphone restarts.

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