Should You DIY Plumbing Tasks or Hire a Pro?

In the past few years, DIY-ing things have really taken off. People all over the world picked up a few extra skills while social distancing, and will, a lot of them now think that they can DIY anything, even plumbing! 

The problem here is, plumbing isn’t really that easy to deal with. There are lots of plumbing tasks that are just so complicated that they should be left to the professionals. If you take them on as a DIY project and do them wrong, you might end up causing a chain reaction that’s far worse than your initial problem! 

But, that doesn’t mean that there are no plumbing tasks that you can handle on your own. You just need to know which ones you should DIY, and which ones should be left to the professionals! 

 Plumbing Tasks You Should DIY 

Here are some of the common plumbing tasks that you could probably manage on your own! 

Leaking Taps:

Leaking taps are a nuisance that pretty much always gets noticed in the middle of the night, and once you notice it, it’s pretty hard to ignore it! The good thing is that this is a pretty easy problem to take care of. Shut off the water supply, remove the washer that’s leaking, and replace it with a new one! Sometimes, you don’t even need to do all of that, you could just take a wrench and tighten the washer and the tap will stop leaking!

Slow Showers:

Nothing’s worse than when you get in the shower and realize that the pressure just isn’t what it used to be. Now, you could just ignore it and let it run super slow, or you could fix it! This is one of the easiest plumbing tasks there is. All you have to do is twist off the showerhead, and give it a good clean! This can be as simple as turning it upside down and tapping it, or washing it with a cleaning solution. Once it’s all clean, screw it back on and you’re done! Your shower will work like it’s brand new! 

Plumbing Tasks You Should Leave to the Pros 

While simple tasks can be DIY-ed, not all tasks are on the simple end. These are some examples of the types of plumbing jobs that should just be left to the pros:


If any major fixtures in your home have broken down, whether this is a toilet or your kitchen sink, it would be best to call in a professional plumber. They will know exactly which parts of the entire fixture they can take off and how they can safely replace it. That way there won’t be any risk of the replacement turning into a bigger job than it needs to be! 


If you’re thinking about changing up your bathroom, you could do the retiling and the hardware changes yourself, but, it’s important that the things that will need major care, like changing out a bathtub, or redoing the sink area entirely, should be left to the pros. They would know exactly which pipes are essential, and which ones can be worked around during the renovation! 

Major Repairs:

If you’ve found that there is a major problem with your plumbing, like the entire plumbing of your home is malfunctioning, it would be best if you were to personally stay as far away from the plumbing as possible. Call Sewer Cleaning Brooklyn, or a recommended sewer cleaning company in your general area and have them clean out the sewers for you! That way, you won’t have to get all up in the pipes to clean up, and won’t end up accidentally damaging anything you weren’t supposed to be messing with! 

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