Scientific Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Pets

We love our pets and as a result, we try to spend as much time with them as possible, which includes sleep time. Sleeping with your furry friend is not just a great way to bond with them but there are actually numerous scientific benefits of doing so. So, without further ado, we’ll now take a closer look at these benefits.

Helps Fight Depression

If you are often melon Collie, then sleeping with your dog or other pet can truly help you to battle this mental illness. This is because sleeping with your furry friend helps to reduce loneliness and even give you more purpose and motivation in your life. Just having a pet will give your days more structure and by sleeping with your dog, they will make sure you get out of bed every morning, which is quite difficult for most people with depression.

Provides Comfort

There was a scientific study which was done on pet owners which indicated that 56% of them let their pets sleep in the same bed as them every night because they provided a significant amount of comfort. After all, a fluffy dog is a lot more comfurrting than the softest pillow! So, snuggling with your pet after a long day at work can give you a great deal of comfort which can make the nights more enjoyable for you and your pet.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Next, if you suffer from high blood pressure, then sleeping with your dog can help to significantly lower it. As a matter of fact, simply petting or stroking a dog can help to reduce blood pressure. As a result, by sleeping with your dog and petting them every night, this can help to significantly lower your blood pressure and ensure that you live a much longer and healthier life.

Improves Mood

There have been numerous studies which show that by being around your pet, they can help to significant improve your mood and even calm you down. So, if you’ve had a rough day, simply winding down in the evening and talking to your dog before bed, can greatly help to improve your mood and help to relax you. If you’ve had a particularly bad day, you can lay in bed and have your dog lay next to you. Their calm energy will help to relax you and put you in a significantly better mood.

Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Dogs in particular have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety and sleeping with them, can help to reduce these issues even more. This is likely due to the fact that many dogs have a very calming presence and they truly help people to let go of their stressors. Additionally, they not only help to reduce stress and anxiety in adults, but also in children. According to studies, 21% of children without any pets had signs of anxiety whereas only 12% of children with pets showed these signs.


In closing, these are just a few of the scientific benefits of sleeping with your pets. There are many more benefits such as improving your bond with them, increasing feelings of safety, reducing insomnia, helping you to feel warmer during cold nights, improving heart health etc. As you can see, having a dog sleep with you can truly improve your life and as a result, it is important that you feed them the best dry puppy food so that they too can feel their best.

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