Mastering the Lens: Key Players in Vernon Photography

vernon photographer is a picturesque city situated in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada. It is famous for its stunning natural beauty that attracts visitors throughout the year. Vernon is also home to a thriving photography scene, which captures the essence of the city through the lenses of talented photographers. From its sublime lakes, vineyards, mountain ranges to its vibrant cityscape, Vernon’s photography scene offers a diverse range of captures that are worth exploring. In this article, we will take a look at Vernon’s photography scene and shed light on some of its most noteworthy photographers and their works.

Vernon’s photography scene is characterized by a range of genres, including landscape, nature, and portrait photography. One of its most notable photographers is Giuseppe Masellis, who has been capturing Vernon’s stunning landscape for over a decade now. Giuseppe’s distinct style features the interplay of light and shadow, which often creates a dreamy, almost ethereal quality in his photographs. Giuseppe’s works showcase Vernon’s picturesque beauty, and his keen eye for details often captures its hidden gems that are often overlooked by visitors.

Another prominent name in Vernon’s photography scene is Owen Spannier. Owen is known for his love for nature, and his photography often encapsulates the serene beauty of Vernon’s natural landscapes. His works often feature the city’s serene, placid lakes, rolling hills, and verdant forests. Owen’s approach to photography is holistic, and he believes in capturing his subjects in their natural state rather than attempting to stage them artificially. His photographs are a testament to his patience and eye for detail, which allows him to capture the purest essence of nature.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Vernon’s photography scene is how it captures its eclectic urban vibe. Vernon is a thriving city that features modern buildings, street art, and bustling public spaces. Capturing this aspect of the city requires a different artistic approach, and Vernon-based photographer, Eduardo Barnardo, is a master of this art form. Eduardo’s photography showcases the city’s vibrancy and often juxtaposes its modern elements with natural landscapes. His visual storytelling captures the city’s pulse and breathes life into its otherwise static elements.

Vernon’s photography scene is not just limited to professional photographers, but also to amateur photographers who capture moments and memories that are special to them. One such amateur photographer is Ella Smith, who has been capturing Vernon’s beauty through her lens for the past three years. Ella’s photographs capture the beauty of everyday life and showcase the small details that often go unnoticed in our hectic lives. Her works often feature Vernon’s vibrant community and its events, celebrations, and people. Ella’s approach to photography celebrates the unity and diversity of the city, and her images add a personal touch to the city’s photography scene.


Vernon’s photography scene is as diverse as the city it captures. From professional to amateur, urban to natural, and scenic to candid, Vernon’s photographers capture moments that are often missed by the naked eye. They take us on a visual journey through the city, showcasing its beauty, nuances, and spirit. With this article, we hope to have given you a glimpse into Vernon’s photography scene and some of its most notable photographers. If you ever visit Vernon, do make sure to take a walking photography tour to explore the city’s photography scene and capture some moments of your own.

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