Is real cash games safe to be played? Read the security features here

Online gaming has taken the world over by an unprecedented storm. The primary reason is that nowadays everyone is almost technologically sound and are looking for newer sources of entertainment. Sitting at home or returning from a busy day at work, people always look for ways to unwind. Enter online gaming platforms. These provide excellent quality games that help you expand and stretch your skills, strategizing powers, grey cells, logic and reflexes, all from the comforts of your own home. Further, nowadays a lot of apps have been developed like realcashgames and GetMega which help you earn real money just by sitting at home and participating in their gaming adventure. These apps offer a wide range of games and along with that, daily, weekly, monthly tournaments and championships. Once you successfully accomplish some level or reach a certain position on the leader board you’ll qualify for earning some hard cash. 

The money in most cases gets directly credited to your bank account which is why the security features of these apps require special work and mention. Security features on any online gaming app need to be top-notch to protect their client confidentiality agreement. If you have logged in from any of your social media accounts, your identity and information, personal details should be safeguarded at all costs. Data leak and privacy breaches as well as cyberbullying and hacking are some of the persistent problems plaguing the world of online gaming and any app with lax security features will lead to their reputation being downtrodden. They aren’t eligible enough to protect their consumer’s interest and as such won’t attract as much traffic or even good reviews. So laying special focus on the security details is key to building an app, especially if you want it to reach industrial levels.

Real Cash Games

This app really has all it takes to build a strong foundation for online gaming free from threats of cybercrime. They use the profile verification technique, whereby any player registering onto the app is required to link his profile to any social media résumé. It will then be checked or verified to see if the details match. Once that is done he or she will have to log in with a one time password, sent to his or her mail or phone number. If that stage is confirmed you are free to go to the platform and play as much as you want. The best part of this technology is that since it is password protected you don’t have to worry about any privacy compromises or leakage of data. Further, they are equipped with end to end encryption which means whatever conversations you have with any player midway through the game through the chats would be protected at all costs. So there isn’t any possible threat from that end as well. Their team of well-rounded experts also have devised ways so your account can never get hacked. In case such complications arise you can lodge a complaint at their equally prompt and reliable complaint cell or help us tab and have the experts handle your account.


This app is known for its uber advanced technology when it comes to protecting their customer and clients’ security details. They also make use of a profile verification technique whereby a code is sent to the player’s phone number or mail id and using which he can log in to the platform. His account will always be password protected so there isn’t much of a threat from cyberbullying or hacking. The app in itself is certified by the international gaming federation and as such is both reliable and trustworthy. In case you run into any technical bugs or glitches you can register a complaint at their customer care and you’ll get immediate assistance within the next 24 hours. All these are right from the safety and security of your home. 

Now that you know the benefits and security features of both these apps get busy downloading either of them and start playing without worrying about anything else. 

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