Inside Politics: Who Is Dj Bettencourt & What Does He Do?

New Hampshire Deputy Commissioner of Insurance and Securities, DJ Bettencourt is responsible for overseeing certain parts of New Hampshire financial services. One of his main responsibilities is managing the state government’s budget and his key responsibilities are to ensure that companies as well as individuals conduct business in a fair and honest way.

What Is His Role In The New Hampshire State Government?

Who Is DJ Bettencourt? Deputy Commissioner of the New Hampshire Insurance Department, DJ Bettencourt is tasked with overseeing the department’s Economic Regulation Division. This includes regulating a wide range of insurance-related industries such as casualty and surety, securities and investment companies, travel insurance, credit unions, and life insurers. The Economic Regulation Division also administers New Hampshire’s guaranty association law and regulates intermediary agents that provide access to consumer credit through non-bank providers.

Bettencourt Is The Executive Director Of The New Hampshire

Bettencourt served as a member of the New Hampshire Deputy Commissioner at the New Hampshire Insurance Department. As executive director, he assists the commissioner with managing the department and overseeing its mission, vision, strategy, and operations to ensure that services meet customer needs. Bettencourt also coordinates with stakeholders on issues that affect insurance in New Hampshire.

What Does Dj Bettencourt Do?

Dj Bettencourt is currently the deputy commissioner in charge of life and health insurance in New Hampshire. Bettencourt was appointed deputy commissioner at the New Hampshire Insurance Department by Gov. Chris Sununu in 2021, where he oversees the department’s operations and policy initiatives as well as enforcement of state insurance laws.

He will also work with lawmakers to establish effective legislation and rules that protect consumers against fraud and theft while maximizing benefits while minimizing cost burdens on policyholders. The New Hampshire Insurance Department is the state agency responsible for regulating New Hampshire’s health, life, and property insurance sectors.

DJ Bettencourt Is A New Hampshire State Representative

DJ Bettencourt was elected as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2021. He currently serves on the House Insurance, Commerce, and Consumer Protection Committee. Prior to his election, Mr. Bettencourt served in various public policy roles at the United States Office of Personnel Management, including as a Chief Regulatory Analyst, Policy Advisor on Pension Policy and Reforms, and Senior Advisor for Federal Benefits Policy.

Within the same year, Bettencourt was elected as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He was also appointed by then-Governor John Sununu as Deputy Commissioner at New Hampshire Insurance Department where he served for over five years before he was elected for the first time to the Congress.


In sum, DJ Bettencourt has more than enough experience to do his job well. Considering that the NH Insurance Department will likely continue to be involved in a number of complex legal battles over healthcare reform, the appointment of DJ Bettencourt as deputy insurance commissioner seems like a good decision by Governor Sununu.

With this quick reference guide, you now have a foundation to gain more of an understanding as to why New Hampshire’s health insurance market is so unique. The state implemented rules that are different than the Affordable Care Act and are being studied by other states around the nation to learn more about what insurance markets should look like.

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