Industry 4.0 And Iot

It seems that to indicate a modernization, just put the term 4.0 in the name, and it’s already done; it seems that it was marketing 4.0 that created this out of so much 4.0 that we see out there. I don’t remember having industry 3.0, for example, and from then on, everything became 4.0: Management 4.0, Marketing 4.0, Communication 4.0, industry 4.0. Anyone else with that feeling?

Industry 4.0 is a reality in which the control of production modules is done autonomously through intelligent networks: connected machines and systems throughout the entire production chain. It’s the time when things connect. This connection is practically part of the human being. We already wake up connected. After spending a few hours without the internet, we realize how much we are already dependent on these connections.

For the industry, the connection can be revolutionary (okay because of the Fourth Industrial Revolution), well, in a scenario wherein everything was manual. Now, we have several machines doing the service that people performed; it can be difficult for some to think about how to have this evolution in your scenario, how to reduce repetitive activities performed by humans placing a machine. Or, you may think that your company doesn’t have the resources to invest in more machines. But getting started in the industry 4.0 environment requires more strategy than money. And this is where the Internet of Things enters industry 4.0.

IoT is one of the pillars of Industry 4.0 that allows this connection to happen, inserting in this context autonomous robots, networked devices, augmented reality, and other ways of providing digitally captured and controlled data. One of the good things about the internet of things in the industry is that you don’t need to buy new machines for already working in your company. The IoT devices come as a complement to your machine and give you real-time decision-making information. The use of IoT in industries will accelerate the fourth industrial revolution, allowing industries (and not only them) to become smarter and more efficient with its use. Of course, it’s not just IoT that Industry 4.0 is made of. But indeed, connecting things to have information to make future decisions (of what can be improved and updated), we consider this to be the starting point.

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