How to retain natural black hair:

Recently, dermatologists from around the world have found out that there’s no fixed time for your hair to start turning gray. It entirely depends on you and your lifestyle how fast your hair will turn. A spare bit of hair care can help you delay the inception of your grey hair. And to do that, you need to know the things that you must keep in your to retain your natural black hair. Therefore, here it goes; some of the top hair care tips and ideas that help you prevent your grey hair and restrict its fast growth.

  1. Resort to the amazing amla:

Amla is a magical Indian solution to your hair problems that most of us tend to forget. You can use it on your hair in multiple ways to complete this bit of your hair care routine. You can dry the amlas up make a powder out of it and consume it with honey to retain the blackness of your hair. The natural black hair color has no other better alternative and that is why you must try and retain it as long as possible. You can also eat sweetened amla to get good results. If you want to apply the amla directly to your hair, then you can wash your hair with amla powder or use amla-infused oil to massage your hair. Another unique hair care tip that you probably haven’t heard of is that you can also use a mixture of amla powder and lemon on your scalp to get rid of dandruff. Apply this mixture only to your scalp two-three hours before shampooing and get the best results.

  1. Use the age-old secret Indian hair care tip – Henna:

Yes, you heard us right! Usage of henna has been a vital step of the Indian hair care routine since the Vedic period. Most people make the mistake of using Henna as a natural hair coloring agent to conceal their gray hairs. The others abstain from using this good old friend because they don’t fancy the brownish color that Henna leaves on their hair. But, if you use henna differently, it can help you prevent your hair from turning grey. Collect some henna leaves and heat them with some mustard oil. Wait for this medicinal concoction to cool down and then massage it onto your scalp to get the desired results. A rather simple hair care tip with a much larger yet unknown utility.

  1. Pick your products wisely:

Instead of following complex hair care tips, you can start with identifying the right products for your hair. With the right products, you can get all your problems resolved which keeps your hair healthy forever. For example, most people face problems with dandruff during the winter in India which also contributes to premature greying of hair. To deal with dandruff, you must be looking for components like amla, shikakai, salicylic acid, zinc, and selenium in your shampoo.  These ingredients are gonna help with your anti-dandruff composition.

  1. A kitchen secret turned hair care tip- Currying & Buttering:

Ayurveda often makes use of our favorite kitchen ingredients to solve our health problems. The idea behind this age-old scientific mode of treatment is to cure people only with the help of natural ingredients and these methods are being used effectively to date. Ayurveda also prescribes simple and easy hair care ideas to retain the natural black color of hair. And if you’re confused about where to find the right ingredients, you might as well turn to your kitchen. Curry leaves are a great solution in this case as they carry rare biochemicals within themselves which promote stronger hair and a healthier scalp. Moreover, you can use an infusion of curry leaves and coconut oil to massage your scalp which works as an all-natural anti-greying tonic. Something so easy but so effective! Try it and witness the magic of Mother Nature. There are more such Indian Herbal hair care treatments that you might not know like pure butter made from cow’s milk and its utilities. You can increase your everyday ghee intake safely now because ghee is healthy and it also helps in retaining your natural black hair.

  1. Adequate blood circulation for the scalp:

A good massage sure does take your mind off of the stressful things in your life but trust us there’s more to this than you already know. Poor blood circulation in your scalp can have many reasons like extra stress or simply bad genes. But, this is not really good for your scalp because it catalyzes premature greying of your hair. Therefore, you must ensure to have good blood circulation in your scalp to prevent premature greying. To achieve this, you can massage your scalp regularly, and to get the best and the most relaxing results you can use natural oils like coconut, sesame, and almond oil. This is surely gonna boost your scalp health and also retain the blackness of your hair.

  1. Supplements of your choice:

Most men get concerned about their greys way more than any other woman. They get so bothered that they choose to remain in denial. But, if you are so concerned about your greys then you must take little baby steps towards retaining the blackness of your hair. You can use hair supplements like Vitamin E capsules, Spirulina, or protein and amino acids to stop your hair from greying rapidly. These work as hair tonics and contribute to hair health positively and help in preventing your natural hair color. And, if you would prefer to go all out there and color your hair to conceal your greys fully, you must give the Godrej Hair Color Shampoo a shot that brings back glamor and color to your instantly or as you can say, in just a single wash. Men shy away from treading on to the path of hair care and skincare because they find it time-consuming. This hair color is designed specifically to cater to their needs but within a stipulated time period that makes their lives easier.

These are some natural hair care tips and ideas that you can follow to retain the natural blackness of your hair. Don’t be lazy and get down to business today and hold your greys a little longer. As much as we would love to see you even if you embrace your greys; it is also okay if you don’t. Just be yourself unapologetically and feel every bit of your glamor.

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