How Do You Use the Ninja Foodi fd401 Air Fryer

Do you want to make healthier meals for yourself and your family? When it comes to frying, the air fryer is a much better option than traditional deep-frying. The ninja food fd401 Air Fryer can make crispy fried chicken, french fries, and even baked goods like doughnuts and cookies. 

It’s also portable so you can take it on trips with you! This blog post will go above unusual of its points and how to use this design accurately. You may find that the Ninja food fd401 vs fd402 Air Fryer is just what you need to indulge without feeling guilty about it later!

How Does The Foodi fd401 Air Fryer Work?

The foodi fd401 air Fryer is a lot like other products that use the same technology. Once you have loaded your food into the basket supplied by ninja, you can plug it in and select the time/temperature setting on the control panel. The Fryer will then start spinning around very quickly to ensure an even cooking process. Pre-heating is not necessary with this product, making it ideal for novice chefs in the kitchen!

Testing Out The Ninja Foodi fd401 Air Fryer

We decided to test out this product ourselves by cooking up some french fries. After following the simple instructions, we set the food fd401 air Fryer for 350 degrees Fahrenheit at 8 minutes. The Fryer came to temperature very quickly and started spinning around 4 minutes later. 

We placed our frozen french fries into the basket and put them back into the Fryer. After 8 minutes, we pulled them out for a crispy snack that tasted just as good as any fresh french fries! We were so fascinated with how great this product worked related to other deep-fryers on the market!

Air Crisp with TenderCrisp Technology

The fantastic thing about the foodi fd401 Air Fryer is that it uses TenderCrisp technology. The TenderCrisp technology seals in flavors and makes sure that your food cooks evenly. In addition, using this system helps reduce oil absorption as well as splatter. 

Cleaning up after you are finished making a meal with your Fryer is simple. All you need to do is throw the basket and attached silicone cover into the dishwasher and clean the rest of it by hand using a wet cloth. The non-stick coating makes it even easier to wipe away any messes!

Bake Roast Grill and More

The foodi fd401 air Fryer can also be applied to roast, barbecue and bake. The inner pan is non-stick, making it very easy for you to add or remove food from the Fryer without any problems. For instance, you could add a little bit of oil then cook your chicken in whole pieces. 

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The same goes for fish or any other meat you might want to cook with. The available accessories also make it possible to grill up a variety of different foods. You could even use the attachments to make stuffed peppers or baked goods like your grandma used to make!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Air Fryers?

The benefits of using an air fryer are numerous but include the following features:

1. It cooks healthy meals that use less oil. Since little to no oil is used on food during the cooking process, your calorie intake will be lower than if you eat fried food with high oil content.

2. You can cook a lot of food at once. Some products have a capacity of cooking 2lbs-5lbs of food, so they are perfect for large families.

3. Portable and easy to store. Most products have a compact design so that you can keep them almost anywhere in your home! Simply taking the basket out after use makes this process easy, mainly if you have limited kitchen space.

 4. It cooks food faster. Some air fryers cook food up to 70% faster than traditional ovens or deep-fryers!

5. Energy-efficient Because the heat is transferred through conduction (hot air), this process makes it almost impossible to burn food.

6. It’s easy to clean. Since you don’t need to deep-fry anything, no oil residue can be difficult or time-consuming to clean up later on. Wipe the basket and exterior with a wet cloth after use; dry it well before storing away!

What Is The Ninja Foodi fd401 Air Fryer Made Of?

The foodi fd401 air fryer is made from high-quality materials that have been tested for durability. It has an exterior made from stainless steel and a non-stick interior, so you can quickly load or unload food without worrying about any stains or residues later on! We love the sleek design of this product and how it is dishwasher safe (top rack only).

What kind of food can you make with the ninja food fd401?

As mentioned before, ovens are one of the most popular ways to make french fries and baked goods like doughnuts. However, they do have a minimal capacity. The foodi fd401 Air Fryer can make twice as much french fries or baked goods in half the time!

Adding more food is also why this device is so famous for use with more prominent families. If you have four people living in your household, making four servings of french fries at once would be too difficult. With this product, you can make twice as much food for the same amount of time!

For fried foods like chicken or fish, this device is also an excellent choice. You may find that actual deep frying is even healthier than oven-based cooking due to some of the process’s effects on food. The oil heats up very quickly, and the food will absorb less fat than if it was deep-fried in a pan, for example.


The foodi fd401 air Fryer is a much healthier alternative to deep-frying. The Fryer uses the TenderCrisp technology for added flavor and easy cooking. Cleanup is more easy since you can put all of the pieces in your dishwasher! 

This means you don’t have to waste time scrubbing away at a greasy mess when you are done using it like you would with traditional deep fryers. If you want to make healthier homemade meals for your family, this is the Fryer for you!

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