Gorgeous Diamonds That Have Loved One’s Ashes In Them – diamond with ashes

It may be hard for some to understand the special, personal connection that some people have with the ashes of loved ones.When a person dies, it’s natural for family and friends to want to honor that person in any way they can. And sometimes, this means incorporating the ashes into items or pieces of jewelry that were meaningful to them.

A new trend in memorial jewelry has emerged: gorgeous diamonds encased in glass that contain a small number of family members’ ashes. From rings and necklaces to earrings and pendants, these beautiful pieces are a touching way to remember your loved one every day.

Why Would Someone Want The Ashes Of ALoved One In Their Jewelry?

It may not be the most common idea. But some people want to include their loved one’s ashes in diamond with ashes because they thought it was a nice way to remember them. Many people also believe that the ashes of their loved ones give them strength and hope.

The Significance OfDiamonds When It Comes To Memorial Jewelry

There are many different ways to remember and honor a loved one after they have passed. And one of the most popular ways is through jewelry.A lot of people chose to have their loved one’s ashes encased in rings, pendants, or earrings. These items are made of gold or silver with a diamond on top that contains the cremated ashes. 

The diamond is encased in glass so it doesn’t get in contact with the person wearing it; it’s purely symbolic.

These pieces of jewelry are typically given by parents to their children as a way to keep them close even when they’re gone. 

The sentiment behind this type of memorial is often that diamonds last forever and will never break, unlike memories that fade over time. The two go hand-in-hand for those who want to remember someone special for eternity.

What Are The Benefits Of Incorporating ALoved One’s Ashes Into Your Jewelry? 

There are many benefits of incorporating a loved one’s ashes into your jewelry.One of the main benefits is that you can create a piece that symbolizes and honors your loved ones, just like they did in life. You can wear the necklace or ring every day and know that it’s containing a small part of their spirit with you. You’ll feel closer to your loved ones and be reminded of them every day. 

Another benefit is that you’ll have something to keep with you after they’re gone, as well as a way to remember them all the time.It also has been found that some people find comfort in knowing they will always have a piece of their loved ones nearby, which is another reason why incorporating ashes into jewelry can be so beneficial.

You may also find comfort in knowing that whatever happens to their body, you always will have a little piece of them with you for the rest of your life. And finally, some people choose to incorporate ashes into their jewelry because they want to be surrounded by the essence of those who were closest to them while living on earth.

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