Four Common Misconceptions About Preschool

The idea of preschool can sometimes make parents a little nervous.

Is preschool necessary?

How will it benefit my child?

Why can’t I just teach them at home?

But the many benefits of quality preschool have been proven and enjoyed by millions of families over the years. If you’re struggling with the idea of sending your little one to preschool, don’t let these four misconceptions about preschool sway you.

In Woods Cross and all around the U.S., good preschools can put young kids on the right path to a healthy and productive life.

Preschool is Just Fancy Daycare

Although daycare involves more learning than ever before, preschool is distinctly different from daycare. Preschool will be taught by certified teachers who are experienced with young learners. Kids will have the opportunity to develop cognitive skills that will give them a head start in kindergarten.

Preschool supports early literacy skills such as remembering parts of a story, knowing the alphabet, and writing their names. They will also learn to count and understand colors and sorting items. If you’re in Woods Cross, UT, be sure to search out a quality preschool for your child.

It’s Too Expensive

When it comes to deciding on preschool, cost is a genuine factor for many families. If you have not had a child in daycare before, you may be hesitant to add a new payment to your monthly bills. But many areas offer affordable programs that can work for tight budgets.

Most preschools tend to be part of the day, but a morning program can save even more money. Also, opting for a three-day schedule rather than the traditional five days will also cost much less. Some states even have free preschool for four-year-olds.

Depending on your income level, you may qualify for government assistance with childcare subsidies or the Head Start program. There are a variety of ways to get your kids enrolled in a great preschool in Woods Cross.

Smart Kids Don’t Need It

Some parents believe that because their child is bright, they don’t need any help before heading to kindergarten. This may be partially true, but there is so much more to school readiness than intelligence. Children also need to have beginning social skills such as listening to others, taking turns, and sharing.

Emotional intelligence is also necessary for young children to interact and get along with others. This skill can be taught at home but can really blossom in preschool. Playing with others is a great way to stretch a child’s imagination while learning about the world around them.

I Can Do the Same Thing at Home

While it may be tempting to keep your child at home a little longer, it’s hard for the average family to replicate preschool benefits at home. One central area this is apparent is in their physical development.

At preschools in Woods Cross, kids will frequently go outside to play games and exercise with their class. Activity is vital to their health and physical growth. At home, busy caregivers tend not to be able to take kids outside as much as needed.

These days, technology tends to creep in too often, and kids end up watching a screen indoors rather than playing outside. Preschool ensures little ones will get daily exercise and enjoyment playing with other kids.

In Woods Cross and around the country, it may seem like a hard decision to opt for preschool rather than keep kids at home. But the benefits of preschool are numerous and varied. Your child will enjoy spending time with other children and learning those vital social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills that will make sure they’re ready to start and excel in kindergarten.

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