Dealing With A Semi-Truck Accident In California – A Quick Guide

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Things to Do When You are In a Truck Accident

Driving a semi-truck is not an easy task, whether you drive a truck across the country or a local route. Some drivers work for the trucking company while some work on a freelance basis. For operating trucks, there are several strict guidelines like the breaks, the number of hours that you can spend on the road, regular maintenance, etc. The guidelines help to prevent accidents. However, sometimes the accidents do happen and the driver is not at fault often. 

For truck drivers, it is essential to be prepared before they get in an accident so that they know how to respond and what to do. Here are a few steps that you can follow if you involve in a truck accident

  • Ensuring the Safety of Other Passenger 

The first that you need to do is check that everyone is safe. It is important to call the authorities to the accident place so that they can bring help and protect you after the accident is over. You need to understand the first aid training. It is advised not to move any individual unless there is the danger of further injury or fire. In case there is bleeding, you can put pressure to stop that. Once the authorities reach, allow them to take to handle the medical care of the patient. 

  • Checking the Cargo

After ensuring the safety of every person, you would need to check the cargo you were carrying. In case the cargo is dangerous or it can damage the environment, you are required to follow the protocol to prevent the spill. You might need to use the flares in order to help the upcoming traffic to avoid the accident area. Doing this would help to prevent other future accidents. Once the authorities arrive, they would likely set up a roadblock to clean up the accident.

  • Informing Insurance Agency

Once you ensured everyone’s safety and checked the cargo, it is time to inform the employer as well as the insurance agency. You are advised to call your employer first. The employer might want to call and inform the agency for you. In case goods are not damaged, the employer would send a new truck to pick them to complete the delivery in time.

In case you are a freelance driver, you would need to ensure that you carry insurance to cover the loads that you carry and the injuries & damages that might happen due to accidents. Having enough insurance would protect you in case you are sued.  

  • Working with an Insurance Company

After an accident, you would need to work with the insurance company. You would need to answer the questions about the accidents asked by the agent. It would likely include the rest logs, current road conditions as well as a review of your mile. Depending on the seriousness of the accident, you might have to get the CDL qualification reviewed.

Working with the officers at the accident scene and willingly subject yourself to blood as well as alcohol test is the best way to avoid losing a license. Along with this, consulting an experienced lawyer is essential. You can contact the Nakase Law Firm as they have a team of knowledgeable professionals. They would provide you the quality legal advice.

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