Best Anime With Super Powers to Watch

Everyone agrees that this is their favorite category. All of us aspire to possess some sort of superpower. The ability to protect the world from all the evil that resides there. Moreover, the ability to punish those who have wronged others. You must also have fantasized about having a superpower that would enable you to use your strength to do anything.

This genre not only contains the anime from the fantasy world but also the other world which makes it an interesting genre of all. And sometimes the story of the anime in this anime is set on our earth but with a secret society which doesn’t know much about. Isn’t this something we love to watch in any show whether it is a Hollywood movie or a series? And being in the watch anime makes it a pure delight. So, this article will give you a tour of those fantastic animes. 

One-Punch Man

You enjoy being the strongest person among everyone and being the best. The same will be shown to you in this anime. As the name of the anime suggests, Saitama, our main character in this film, is capable of defeating anyone with a single blow. The anime is set in a fantastical universe where monsters that can strike at any time and are powerful enough to wipe out the entire planet are responsible for the suffering of mankind. Our protagonist can certainly knock out opponents with a single blow, but he is dissatisfied since no one will engage in the kind of challenging combat he desires. You may develop the 8th syndrome as a result of watching this anime.

Dragon Ball

As one of the longest-running anime series, it has too many episodes to fill your bouquet list. Goku is the main character of this tale; he is an extraterrestrial being who has arrived on Earth from another planet and is always being pursued by super-strong aliens. Goku gains strength during the voyage to take down the toughest foes he encounters. If you have the patience to watch all 700+ episodes of this anime, this one will undoubtedly become a favorite of yours.

Black Clover

In a world where magic is everything, Asta is a poor young man who lacks any magic skills. He battles against his best buddy Yuno, who is a very talented magician compared to him, to become a wizard king who is superior to all magicians on that planet. Without magic, Asta trains his body to go past the no-magic barrier and then all of a sudden develops the ability to resist magic. The struggle to be the best is something that this anime will demonstrate.

My Hero Academia 

The plot takes place on an Earth where, as a result of an unexpected event, a super being with superpowers known as quirks exists. But like the main character in Black Clover, our primary character lacks any peculiarities, which is an uncommon circumstance. Izuku Midoriya, our main character, admires All Might, the strongest of them all, and aspires to be just like him. However, all of a sudden, he is given the ability by All Might after recognizing his greatness as a hero even in the absence of any quirks. This anime, along with the aforementioned Black Clover, is a representation of how we struggle in real life without any kind of authority.

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