Advantages You Get from Shoulder holster

Shoulder holster has been very popular among people. Those who have the habit of keeping weapons at home or with them have always liked to have shoulder holster. Are you also interested in buying them? If yes, there are a lot of things you should know about. For starters, you must know the advantages you get from them.

This article includes a complete list of the advantages of having a shoulder holster. We will try to cover everything in this article, but, you should know that there is more to it. If you are not clear about the types of a shoulder holster, let’s talk about them first.

Types of Shoulder holsters

There are commonly three types of shoulder holsters present out there. The first one is horizontal. People like to go for the horizontal shoulder holster as they offer better handgrip and are also easy to draw. The next type is vertical. They are also known as upside-down holsters, considering the gun position inside them. The third one is called 45-degree holsters. The name is given considering the 45-degree angle at which the gun is carried in this holster.

What are the Benefits? 

Finally, we will talk about the benefits of having a shoulder holster. Sit tight and ream them out!

Extremely Convenient

Everyone wants more convenience in their life. And, if you are wearing a holster on your shoulder, it will make your life very easy. They are light in weight and you don’t feel a thing while wearing them. It is helpful for people having back problems. It will not put much weight on your back.

Extra Benefit

Do you want to use ammo with the guns? Lucky for you having a shoulder holster will enable you to use the ammo along with the gun. You just have to grab and use them. It is an extra benefit added to shoulder holsters.

Helpful When Driving

There may be times when you have to use a gun while driving. Unusual situations can arise at any time. But, you must be ready to face them. If you use an ordinary gun holster, you will not be able to defend yourself while driving. Therefore, having a shoulder holster is beneficial when you have to drive or travel a lot. It will make your driving more convenient and safe. You will not have to worry about driving tense.

Support in winters!

It’s wintertime and all you can think about is keeping a weapon deep buried in your clothes. Now, you can have freedom from that worry. A shoulder holster doesn’t require a large layer of clothes to be worn inside. You already have a lot to take care of, and not being able to draw a gun easily may set you back. But, with a shoulder holster, you can help yourself in winters also.


The benefits of holsters should be able to help you in buying a personal gun holster. There are some of the major benefits which help in making the purchasing decision easy. If you dint know much about shoulder holsters, we are confident that this article helped you to find the right direction.

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