A quick guide for buying the best rugs

Are you looking for a new rug to accessorize your living room or bedroom? Or want practical rugs to work as runners in an entrance way to give your friend a warm welcome or a kitchen rug to counter the routine spillages? Or simply need a new rug to revamp your room and infuse new life in it. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the colors, fabrics, shapes and sizes of rugs flooding the internet? Rug glossary is equally mind boggling with several words and phrases not known to the common man. All this chaos can be pretty exhausting for anyone but worry no more.

Well,  because we are  here to provide you assistance through our comprehensive guides and information in choosing the perfect  area or statement rug for every room that will surely be a surprise for your guests this season. Whatever your concern is, be sure that we have the solution for all your rug needs.

  • Do some research first: before making the purchase first do some market research. Bring out yiur inner vision while looking for the right color, fabric and texture. It’s advisable not to purchase on a whim because many people feel rather overwhelmed by the multiple options presented to them but once you have a clear idea of what you want, purchase will automatically  become easy. Also it’s easier for the sale staff to assist you when you openly describe your room sizes, and needs accordingly. As we all know that a vague customer isn’t a happy buyer. And you don’t want to end up as one, do you?
  • Look for suitable size for rug and its placement: a  perfectly sized rug should fit like a glove. Neither too big to render your room a thrift store appearance nor too small that you have to struggle with making it cover you’re your basic flooring. It’s easy to take the measurements, mask the floor where you intend to place the rug with painters tape and measure accordingly.

Living room rugs should have the front feet of sofas o the rugs to give an inviting appeal. For dining rooms, rug should be spacious enough to avoid pulling off when chairs are pulled back. For bedrooms, you should have ample area covered so as to land feet on it when waking up.

Rugs should be regularly rotated to minimize foot traffic marks and also to keep it looking same from all sides. If intended to place near a window, the policy of rotation should be applied here too. Sunlight fades away rug colors and its better to fade the rug evenly from all sides.

Moreover, it’s a sound investment to invest in rug mats because they prevent rugs from being flat due to extended foot traffic. Rug mats will also keep the mat from creping discouraging slips and falls.

  • Suitable patterns for rugs: it’s very crucial to find out and decide what will work best for your room because most of the time. Neutral looking furniture and walls can be accentuated with bright bold color rugs. Likewise if the room scheme is already consisting of wild and wacky designs, tame them down with subtle elegant patterns. As the saying goes, beauty lies in simplicity and we do not want every item of our room to beg for attention.
  • Suitable color for rugs: the most important point to consider is that rugs are focal points of attention in every room. Rule of thumb to follow the prevalent color schemes in the room, in this way all pieces will harmoniously blend without crashing into each other. Also, when children are around deeper hues are the best option to treat their messes.

After going through the whole article, I’m sure that you might have reached some positive conclusion s to what you want to purchase and the basic tip to consider while buying rugs are clearer to you. Whatever you choose, remember the fundamental, rugs are the focal points, don’t undermine their worth by clashing them with other furniture pieces. Source them wisely, because good quality rugs last a lifetime and can be paired up with many color schemes.

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