8 Most Common Roofing Mistakes According to Experts

Your roofing system is a critical component of your home. Installing it improperly or failing to maintain it can affect your property’s overall structural integrity — not to mention your home’s curb appeal. This is also why many people who are building their homes or replacing their old roofs take the time to find the right roofing contractor Hanover PA. Without a professional’s help, there’s a high chance you’ll commit at least one of the following common roofing mistakes:

Mismatched roofing material and slope. Did you know you should consider the slope of your roof when choosing the right roofing material? For instance, if your slope is below twelve units of run for every two units of rise, it will not be advisable to install shingles. Shallow slopes can cause shingles to dislodge easily. But if your slope is apt for shingles, you also have to make sure that you won’t use mismatched shingles.

Not using the proper nails. Though they may be small, nails that are not appropriately used can cause your roof to weaken more quickly over time. Ask any reputable roofing contractor Hanover PA, and you’ll learn that certain types of nails (and placement of nails) are needed to hold shingles in place effectively.

Failing to project the shingles. Speaking of roof shingles, installing them improperly is also a common mistake, according to experts. From alignment and projection to exposure, roofing technicians should pay special attention to every aspect of the installation to help prolong your roofing system’s lifespan.

Installing valley flashing improperly. The valley flashing is a metal flashing installed in the area where two roof slopes meet. It plays a critical role in directing water to the gutter system. Amateur roofers typically make the mistake of placing it atop the shingles. For a longer lifespan, the valley flashing should be installed underneath the shingles.

Forgetting about the ice dam. Are you living in a neighborhood where it can be extremely cold? A roofing contractor Hanover PA should strategize on how to counter the formation of ice dams (which can be typically found at the roofline). If there’s not enough insulation and a protective layer, melted ice dams can leak into your home.

Not installing leak barriers. Another common mistake committed by DIY-ers (or incompetent roofers) is forgetting to install leak barriers in relation to leaking. Critical points of your roofing system need to be protected; otherwise, you’ll find yourself frequently calling for leakage help.

Not providing adequate vents. Attics can also affect the structural integrity of your roof. If there are not enough vents, your attic can trap too much heat and eventually damage the underside of your roof. Similarly, your attic should also have proper insulation to prevent too much external heat or cold from entering your home.

Reusing old materials. If your roof is already due for replacement, don’t tighten your purse and reuse old shingles or other roofing components like flashing. Consider it an investment and tap professionals to replace your old roof with top-quality new materials.

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