5 Things To Avoid When Grooming A Dog

Dogs are universally known to be man’s best friend. More than half of households in the world have a pet and 33% of the households have a dog according to statistics from GFK website. They are the most popular choice of pet globally and most times, dogs often get integrated into a family and are treated with utmost love and affection.

Asides the security functions a dog performs, it is also the perfect companion and friend to its owner. It is for this reason grooming of dogs are taken seriously. To make your dog feel happy, appreciated and clean, dog grooming is encouraged. 

To groom a dog is to make it look clean, stylish and presentable. This can be done by bathing, trimming its nail, brushing and styling the dog. Grooming a dog helps to remove any resident dirt from its skin, fur and dead hair; this results in healthy skin and lifestyle for your dog.

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5 Things to avoid when grooming dog

Although grooming a dog is essential, it is important that grooming is done with care and attention whilst following dog grooming guidelines. To avoid hurting your dog, or doing things wrong, your can employ the services of a professional groomer for your dog grooming services. 

Whether your dog grooming is done by a professional or yourself, you should understand these 5 things you should not do when grooming a dog:

1) Frequent bathing: bathing your dog is hygienic but doing it frequently damages its fur. It irritates their skin as frequent bathing reduces the protein and natural oil that coats a dog’s skin. Giving your dog a quick bath is different from thorough bathing. Your dog should be bathed once in a month except for medical reasons.

2) Brushing their coat whilst still wet: the hair of your dog should be dried before you attempt to brush it. If brushed when wet it can irritate the skin and also lead to its hair matting. If your dog has long hairs, you should brush them before a bath and after you dry them with a towel.

3) In a bid to make your dog comfortable during summer, do not completely share its coat. Shaving them can make them easily sun burnt and it could damage their hair follicles. Dogs need their hair to stay cool during cold and summer period -avoid shaving them off.

4) Avoid washing your dog’s ears. You should avoid introducing anything to their ears. Water or any other liquids in their ear canal is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. For a professional wash, you can register with a dog grooming service.

5) Do not give up on dog grooming. It could take a while before you and your dog gets comfortable with grooming. Your dog may make it hard for you in the first three to five months. You should be patient and loving to your dog.

On days you feel overwhelmed with home grooming, you can contact Animal kingdom resort for dog grooming services.

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