4 Key Factors Which Make Dedicated Server Hosting Popular

Wondering why dedicated server hosting is so popular?  Do you want to know why companies look for dedicated hosting for their web presence?

Well, the number of businesses setting up websites to serve the online community is growing by leaps and bounds. Catering to more online communities spells the need for more bandwidth. This makes it essential to leverage the power of dedicated servers to avoid problems with your website. 

In dedicated server hosting, you are offered several resources exclusively dedicated to your hosting needs. Let’s explore more about a dedicated server and what makes it so popular.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting means your software/website has its own server all to itself- a server dedicated only for you. A web hosting company provides a physical server,which businesses can rent. When you select a dedicated server, you have a dedicated physical server for your exclusive use instead of using a shared or virtual server.

Let’s have a look at 4 key factors that make dedicated hosting so popular:

  1. High Performance And Enhanced Security: When it comes to online business, security is an integral aspect. For the businesses that collect sensitive data or companies taking transactions over FTP or SSL or ecommerce businesses, the safety of business is a major concern and a dedicated server provides more stability and reliability while guaranteeing that all your business information is safe. It is ensured that the user does not share the space with any potential spammer or any kind of malicious software. With dedicated server hosting, you need not share resources, rather you can have control over resources including memory, bandwidth, RAM, downgrading, or upgrading as per your needs. This is the best solution for websites having a significant amount of traffic or for revenue-generating online stores. Furthermore, as the best-dedicated server hosting features 24*7 support, the failures and complaints are attended to and resolved quickly and this guarantees high up times.
  2. Flexibility: With a dedicated server, users get the flexibility to customize the server to the unique requirements for software, CPU, RAM, and disk space. A dedicated server lets businesses have a customizable server environment that is best suited for their requirements. Users can select the platform and software that is really needed and this facilitates more control over how the dedicated server is configured.
  3. Faster Page Load Times:Certainly, in today’s digital era with busy schedules and time constraints, websites with poor load time create a negative effect. There is no point if most of the website visitors keep leaving a website due to poor load time before even getting to know anything about the services/products offered. A dedicated server helps with faster page load times. Each dedicated server features specifications to ensure that the site of a client is not overwhelmed even in case of a large inflow of visitors.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Dedicated servers are more cost-effective as you can get a better value in the long run. A dedicated server provider handles things you need. Moreover, other major concerns including safety, load time and support, etc. are taken care of by a dedicated hosting provider. In this way, a user can have a complete in-house solution without any hassles of buying or maintaining on their own.

Dedicated hosting brings significant benefits to businesses including better performance operating system choices, scalability, security, hardware choices, control panel options, and many more and this makes it a popular choice to opt for.

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