Automotive Brake Inspection Guide

One of the most important components inside a vehicle is the braking system. A vehicle simple cannot be driven without properly functioning brakes. Aside from not be able to bring a vehicle to a controlled stop, when brakes are defective, lives are put in serious danger. This is why routine brake inspections and brake service is so vital to your safety, as well as, your vehicle’s upkeep.

Regular checkups and light servicing will extend the life of your braking system and keep you and your passengers protected. A little preventative maintenance and precaution truly does save lives. Continue reading and learn how properly inspect your brakes, and what professional mechanics recommend for routine brake service and maintenance.

Here’s a quick guide to car brake inspection:


Start your inspection at the brake pads. These are the softer foam-like parts that prevent your calipers from scraping against the rotors. If they are thin, they cannot do their job much longer, so replace them. For pads less than 1/8 inch in width, replace them immediately or risk damaging the brake discs. Replacing brake pads is inexpensive and quick.


The next area to inspect are the brake discs. Are they shiny? Are the grooves shallow and consistent? If you spot any irregularities, rough spots, abrasions, dents, or other surface damages, you need to replace them. Never replace just one disc. They should always be bought and replaced as a pair, even if the other disc is perfectly fine, so that they always operate evenly and equally.


Check with your manufacturer, or the owner’s manual, to determine the recommended thickness for your vehicle’s brake rotors. This number will vary vehicle to vehicle. Once you know this number, you know what to check for. When looking at the thickness of your brake rotors, use a micrometer tool and measure the width. It is encouraged to have a safety margin to never cross, just to ensure the integrity of your braking system. Typically, 0.3 to 0.6 inch is the recommended margin to use for standard, modern-day vehicles.

Principles of Automotive Body Work

Undoing Dents

Collisions can cause severe damage to the body panels of any vehicle, often requiring a complete replacement. Where permissible, replacement body parts can be bought from junkyards to save money ordering new panels from the factory. Removing and replacing a damaged body panel can be both time consuming and frustrating. However, the experience is very rewarding when the job is done well.

Many times, auto body specialists can pound out dents when the rear of a panel is accessible. The goal is to restore the metal to its original shape. When a dent cannot be reached, metal pullers can be used to reverse a dent from the outside. Reusing existing metalwork speeds up the repair process, saves on cost, and often results in a better-looking repair.

Filling It In

Most of the time, metal still has crinkles and cracks in it after being hammered out, so auto body technicians must use Bondo or other fillers to restore a nice, smooth finish. Even some minor dents can be quickly repaired this way. The goal is to use as little filler as possible because over time, thick layers can crack and fall off. After spreading the filler on evenly, technicians must let it dry completely and then sand it down to blend with the surrounding surface.

Dealing with Rust

Rust is a serious auto body problem, especially in the North where winter roads expose cars to salt and sand. Auto body specialists can cut out rusted parts of vehicle bodies and weld new metal into its place. Welded spots must then be filed to surface level before using filler to blend the patched area with the rest of the body surface.


Sandpaper of 120- to 220-grit can be used to eliminate scratches and other auto finishing flaws. After getting below the paint, scratches can easily be filled before applying a new section of paint and clear coat.


Auto body specialists can use 400-grit sandpaper to prepare a car to receive a new coat of paint. They also use compounds to remove any oil on the surface so primer and paint will stick.

Automotive Carpet Extractors: How an Extractor Can Improve Your Interior Detail Work

Ground deep into the carpet of your car, beyond the reach of heavy-duty vacuums and toothpicks, lie the most tenacious of particles. Emanating the foulest stenches, these forgotten chunks make themselves a home clutched against the base of carpet strands. Perhaps they were once superficial – stains that could once be brushed out with the stroke of a hand. But after weeks and weeks of shoe compression, these chunks are able to permanently settle in the warm, dark recesses of auto-carpets – until now. The Aztec Hot Rod Carpet Extractor makes quick work of the impossible stains. How does it do this? Through a two step process: scald and slurp. Hot water, at least 200 degrees, followed by an unbelievable degree of suction force, is the key.

Vacuums will only reach the upper half of the carpet surface. They are helpless to as much as quake the deeper layer of ground-in filth that is the true cause of most stench and visual disgust in the common vehicle. A hot water injection permeates down to the basest layer – a place filled with ancient, rotting particles. Imagine putting a bare foot down on such a carpet. You don’t want to. An initial atomizer application of degreaser, followed by the Aztec Hot Rod treatment, cleans all the way through the carpet’s layers, making the carpet as clean as when the car was driven off the dealership.

Extractors leave a carpet chemical-free once the treatment is complete. Many car washes and detail shops will spray the carpets down with a potent, mean cocktail of dirt punishing power, but will then run a quick shop-vac over where the chemical application site to remove both dirt and residual chemical. This leaves the vehicle smelling like a laboratory. This leaves the bare foot placed beside the accelerator liable to burn from chemical exposure. This is not just an olfactory concern, but a health one. Drivers and their passengers, especially the little ones, can be saved from exposure to harsh chemicals by use of the Aztec Hot Rod instead of more conventional methods.

Heated carpet extractors, finally, leave the carpets dry when the treatment is complete. Hot water evaporates quickly. Any water molecules that are left after the Aztec’s almost meteorological suction hose passes over will evaporate in moments. No more damp carpets, clean, but inviting to mold and airborne grime. Manually shampooing and vacuuming out the remaining solution, as many people do, leaves carpets wet and even sometimes stinky.

Important Automotive Related Green Tips

Perhaps the easiest way to reduce the amount of carbon you produce each time you drive is to choose a vehicle that has excellent fuel efficiency. As most consumers are now aware of the impact that their motor vehicles have on the planet, there is a greater demand for cars that have good gas mileage, moreover, with the cost of fuel rising on an annual basis, owning an efficient vehicle can help to reduce personal outlay by a considerable amount. If you are checking out new vehicles with the aim of making a purchase, it can be worth looking in to the option of buying a hybrid. Hybrid cars are now a common site, and are a great way to be a green driver.

The more weight you have in your vehicle, the greater amount of gas that it will use. If you empty your trunk and only carry what is actually necessary, you will burn less fuel and save money. If you have cargo carrier on the roof, take this off until you need it. Also, if the trunk has become a storage unit, do yourself a favor and put the items in your garage. All that you need in your vehicle is a spare tire and a few basic tools.

Many drivers are unaware that by keeping the tires inflated to the right level will reduce road resistance, and therefore offer a better fuel economy. If you are not sure as to what pressure your vehicle’s tires should be, check in the owner’s manual or take your car to a local mechanic.

The manner in which you drive will also have an impact on how much fuel you burn. If you have a tendency to speed up and slow down erratically, you will be using more gas than if you gradually accelerated and decelerated. To get the best fuel economy you should cruise at a respectable speed, the more you use your foot pedals, the less efficient your journey will be. A useful tip is to increase speed before approaching a hill, rather than putting your foot down when on the actual incline.

If you spend a lot of time driving in a city, you may end up stationary for prolonged periods. When stuck in a jam or at traffic lights, turn your engine off. If you were to keep the motor idling for long periods, you will be adding to pollution levels unnecessarily.

The next piece of advice may seem obvious, but nevertheless it is worth stating. Try and drive less! Consider whether you can walk to your local grocery store instead of driving, not only would this be a much greener way of buying your daily commodities, it is also a simple method to get some exercise. Think about car pooling to your place of work, if we all car pooled on a regular basis, the amount of traffic on the road would be reduced considerably.

Innovations in dentistry which can help people with dental issues

The advancement in technology in the field of healthcare has redefined how people are treated for medical conditions these days. Pain was something that could be associated with dentistry a few years ago which has completely changed with the introduction of laser dentistry. Anyone with dental issues can be treated in a painless manner or with minimal pain at affordable costs. Using laser treatment is considered to be less invasive when compared to the procedures which were used earlier. 

Common Dental Problems Treated with Laser:

There are many common problems which are said to be treated by laser these days when it comes to dentistry. Tooth decay, teeth whitening, gum diseases, and fillings are some of the common issues which are treated in a painless manner these days with the help of laser treatment. The ADA (American Dental Association) is also quite positive with the results and cures which have come along with laser treatment.

Painless Treatment:

Pain was usually something that was always associated to dental procedures all over the world. However, with the introduction of laser technology into dentistry, there are painless or less painful procedures which have come into the picture. People no longer dread going to the dentist to have their problems treated since the introduction of laser treatment in dentistry. 

Laser Treatment Knowledge:

You can use the internet to go through the potential cures, and treatment methods using laser for dental problems. Once you have knowledge of these procedures, you can choose to contact the local dentist to know if they can provide you with the specific treatment methods using laser. By doing this you are not just saving time but also not risking going through pain.

Always remember that there are more choices with dental treatment with laser technology. Consult your family dentist to know more on how some treatment methods can be done for you or your family members who are suffering from dental problems. 

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