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Hair loss, or alopecia, is very common at Midtown Manhattan. According to statistics, sooner or later, 80% of men face a similar problem, and 6 out of 10 representatives begin to notice that their hair is thinning by the age of 25-35. Trichologists note that alopecia is getting younger – recently, hair loss occurs even in 18–25-year-old men, and even in those who, it would seem, are not genetically predisposed to this. It is possible to stop hair loss, but for this it is not enough to use a special shampoo. You need to know the causes of hair loss and take all the necessary measures in time to preserve the hair.

Why is hair falling out? There is no single answer to this question. But in any case, baldness is not an option of the norm, but a disease that needs to be treated. In addition, thinning hair for some becomes a serious test for self-esteem, especially at a young age. So, what could be the cause of hair loss in men?

Any infectious disease, especially that accompanied by high fever, can lead to hair loss. But sometimes chronic infections lead to this, which proceed almost imperceptibly.

It has long been noticed that during stressful situations, hair loss intensifies. Stress provokes spasms and negatively affects blood circulation, in small vessels of the scalp as well. This leads to the fact that the hair does not receive enough nutrition, stops growing, and then dies.

Convenience foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner are a direct way to a lack of vitamins and a general weakening of the body. Deficiency of vitamin E, C and B vitamins, and iron deficiency are very common causes of hair loss.

Androgenetic alopecia affects 95% of the total male population. This type of baldness is due to the work of hormones and a genetic predisposition.

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