Levying of the Tax in the Right Ways

There are cases where tax is levied on the worker’s receipts, provided that he works with a formal contract. The amount can be withdrawn upon dismissal or in cases provided for by law, such as the purchase of the home.

Social Integration Program and Civil Servant Heritage Training Program

These social contributions are intended to pay allowances and unemployment insurance to workers of government entities and bodies. It is as if it were a guarantee to the FGTS. It was implemented in 1988 and its objective is to improve income distribution.

State Taxes

Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services

First of state taxes, ICMS is levied on all goods and services sold. Companies that collect this value are the companies (which often pass them on to the consumer). Each state is free to assign the rate it wants on the circulation of goods.

Tax on Death and Donation Transmission

The purpose of this tax is to collect taxes on inheritances and donations. The rate varies from case to case and the function of the tax is purely fiscal. The amount collected will end up in the state vault.

Motor Vehicle Property Tax

Whoever has a car knows that every year there is no way to avoid paying the IPVA. Cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses and other motor vehicles must pay the tax annually, the rate of which varies from state to state and according to the value of the vehicle in the FIPE table. Half of the value goes to the State and the other half goes to the city where the property was registered.

Tax on Transmission of Intermediate Goods

It is the tax levied on the transfer of houses, apartments, buildings, sheds and other types of property. In general, ITBI is paid by the buyer of the property. The rate varies from city to city, but on average it is 2% of the property’s market value.

Service Tax

This is a municipal tax that must be collected by Brazilian companies regardless of the segment in which they operate. The minimum charge rate is 2%, which may reach 5%. The tax is intended not only for companies, but also for self-employed professionals.

Property and Urban Property Tax

Just as the IPVA is levied on vehicles, the IPTU is levied on properties of any kind. Several factors are taken into account when assigning the sale price of the property. This value is multiplied by the rate (which varies from state to state). In general, the percentage is between 1% and 3%.

Positive attitude in Balancing:

If you are interested and kind towards others, you will promote a rapprochement between people and improve the environment. Being cheerful and generating good conversations and deals will make the day to day in the organization excellent.

Help and enable it:

There are times when the opinion and help of others are very important. It is when we will realize the existence of good relationships and that they are essential for the work to develop optimally. Also for the proper taxation making use of the tax software for tax preparers  is important.

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