A Guide Select Hood For Your Apartment

Are you planning to get a new hood in your apartment? Here’s a complete guide to help you decide the best condo hood (เครื่อง ดูด วัน คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) for your apartment.

First, Let’s See Why You Need A Hood In Your Kitchen

  • The primary reason why you need a hood in your kitchen is for ventilation. Small places like apartment kitchens feel congested while cooking. So, hoods can be used to add ventilation to your apartment.              
  • Then comes the obvious reason, smell, odor, and fumes. A hood is designed in a way to purify the air. So, you will need a condo hood in your kitchen to purify air and smell or odor.  
  • A hood not only purifies the air, and filters it but also makes you feel comfortable while cooking by absorbing the hot fumes. 

Now, Let’s See Different Types Of Hoods Available In The Market.

  1. Recirculating Hoods

Ducted and recirculating hoods are two efficiently working hoods that let the interior air in the kitchen directly into the atmosphere.

  1. Under-Cabinet Hood

As the name suggests, under-cabinet hoods fit above the cooktop and are blended perfectly in the design.

  1. Microwaves With Vent

A microwave with a vent is the best option as long as you have a big kitchen. Microwave hoods come with an in-built fan to remove the air fumes while cooking.

  1. Wall Mount Hoods

Wall mount hoods are wall-mounted and also they don’t require a separate cabinet space for adjustment.

  1. Ceiling Mount Hoods

Ceiling mount hoods are mostly used for isolated cooking tops. These don’t need a wall for fitting.

  1. Downdraft Vent Hoods

Downdraft vent hoods can be for the kitchen with adequate space. These hoods don’t drag fumes upwards like the other vents or hoods. They either drag fumes upwards or downward.

Now, Let’s See What You Need To Check Before Buying A Hood For Your Kitchen

  • Size  

The size of a hood should be as much as required. More or less than required doesn’t suit the kitchen.

  • Height       

The distance between the cooking top and hood must be maintained properly. At the same time, the hood must not be too long as it might disturb the kitchen’s design. So, check with the height.

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